Women tattoos

While I do like the art, I don't care for them personally. They look like future regrets.
I think the same.

I have 3 tattoos, the combination of the 3 summarizes who I am. But the 3 tattoos are in strategic places, I can not imagine having the whole body covered in tattoos. In the case of these women, some tattoos make them more beautiful, or more interesting, others directly the opposite (imho). What I can say is that even leaving aside the question of tastes (is the body of them, they can do what they like) I am practically sure that when they reach an old age, where the skin is wrinkled, those full body tattoos are not going to be the same and possibly end up being unpleasant.

My contribution to the topic ...
(I prefer something like this in a woman, this attracts the eye attention to a zone / suggests ... without full covering the zone...):

Told my offspring... chest, neck, belly, hips or parts related.. are OFF limits!

Until after you've grown and done you're living. Then she may proceed.