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Roger Escude

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Went out with a chick that had a life size picture of her kid on her back kind of sucked when I was hitting it doggie style little fucker staring at me the whole time kind of messed with my focus. Last thing I wanted was a picture of my kid back there so I would pull out and jizz all over the kid’s face, sorry kid nothing personal.
perhaps she was tired of all tha Minute men and figured if she had a pic of her boy back there it would help him last longer .
Also, she can weed out any potential child molesters by paying attention to how long they last back there. If they nut quick , they must be focusing on him. IF they requesting doggie style just a lill to much like way more than what seems to be normal, hey, he could very well be a child molester. Oh he smashin her from tha back and she feels light caressing around where tha child’s face is of crotch is,or light , soft kisses on her back as he slow rolling it, yah, he IS tha child molester!
Perhaps that tattoo is a tactic to weed em on out lol


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I’m not sure why I think tattooed girl’s skin smell weird, like ink from a pen. I prefer baby soft , blemish free, plus tattoos are expensive. :emo: