World War 2 footage


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hey mate have u eevr seen this one
they found it in a swamp. i know its not new but if if that was me i would fucking keep it .. its historical

a fucking t34 .. that thank that PWND the germans



Short Bussed
a fucking t34 .. that thank that PWND the germans


The panther A was the best tank the Germans ever designed and fielded. They only managed to produce about 5500 in the entire production run, including all versions. The T34/85 and variants were produced in numbers of excess of 40,000. No that's not a typo. The Germans were simply out produced. There are many reports of German Tankers fighting in the battle of Kursk, only relenting position due to lack of ammo. In other words, they withdrew or abandoned their tanks because they had NO main gun ammo left. That's on average of nearly 80 rounds.
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in a war, if u survive it u r a hero, if u don't survive it u r a hero.. either way, once it's over, your definition of hero is turned upside down.. my grandfather was a german soldier, he survived and came to australia..