World's Biggest Firework Explodes Over US Ski-resort (1 Viewer)


A massive firework has been launched over a US ski resort town, setting a record for the world's largest aerial firework.

The 1270-kilogram shell flew 671m above the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival before it burst, turning the sky bright red and drawing gasps from the crowd, The Steamboat Pilot & Today reported.

Tim Borden of Steamboat Springs headed the team that developed the firework over seven years. Borden first attempted to set the world record last year, but failed when the shell exploded inside the mortar without lifting off the ground, the newspaper reported.

Guinness World Records representatives witnessed both attempts. Christina Conlon of Guinness said she verified the shell launched Saturday (Sunday NZT) was the world's largest.

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World's Biggest Firework Explodes Over US Ski-resort (video)


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