Would you ever kill someone?


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To kill someone How and why for There are several reasons On the plane Financial Or Because of love Craving to kill Means To avenge someone By words and deeds Logical A million people Revenge due to Lack of respect And lack or love Us as biological human We should think positively And solve our problems Lives Through love and respect peace for Everyone Together we can change the world We want a beautiful and strong country God Be good and help us ?❤
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It's cold I don't wanna go outside. It's funner to stalk a juggalo any ways!! I would purposely walk around naked or accidently drop my phone if I'm walking outsiden bend over all slow. Now I want a stalker wtf


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if its kill or be killed, its a no brainer. but its better to outlive your enemies while killing them psychologically instead.
It depends on the situation but if someone breaks into my house I would kill that man easily but if it's someone that's been a bitch to me probably not I would beat there ass though


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My father is in prison for murder. I’ve never had the chance to ask him how it felt. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He stabbed a man into a bloody pulp for molesting a child, so is he really a bad guy?


its no bad to kill a pedophile
you will save children
and on how
if someone pays good for the video i can do anything :D
I doubt I'd cross the line for some average asshole. But I would most certainly cross the line for an individual I consider to be a monster.

It's always the simplest techniques that are most effective. A needle through the Flexor Pollicis Brevis Muscle, A nail trough the Capitate Bone of the hand, a sharp blade to the Skull's Orbital Cavity, a thick knotted rope to the Genitals. Regardless of the method it ends the same way. With the mask called the face being removed, so the world can see them for what they really are. Nothing more than flesh and bone.


I hope not. I do have murderous rage when wronged but lucky for the (current) perpetrators, I’m so injured from Med malpractice(yes it’s real and current) that I can’t do much physically against them. That’s what lawyers are for 😍
I hope karma catches up. Sometimes 15 to life seems fair for Retribution But then I think of prison food (the loaf in solitary?) or lack there of...
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I Could. Got close too. My Ex.
I was going to get some raw chicken, let it heat up and cool down on a bench top for a few days, so it got all salmonella covered. Then rub it under the door handles of his car, so it would be on his fingers next time he rolled a cigarette or put his hands in his mouth. Then when he got sick , drug him with a dose of his sleeping pills, death in his sleep, he often abused them pills, everybody knew. With his bad immune system, how he always refused to go to a doctor when sick and other probs, it would not take long.
Or....Arrange an accident next time he got drunk. He had crappy balance.
Or...Club him to death with a pick handle, then steal a bark chipper from up the road from me. Face it out over a causeway, in a remote area I know of, then push his body through and let the tide take him away. The fish would eat him. Then cover the bark chipper with petrol and drop a match in it, then push it into the water.