WTF Vagina!

backwoods boy

white minority
you think it has something to do with all that hair? it resembles the guy in medical with penis fail,but in reverse!
no no no. Penis fail and SICKFUCK'S "Blue Waffle" are ten times worse than this. LOL. This kind of made me think "curb feeler".
Oh god that was horrifying!! What the fuck was that thing dangling off... Her cunt looked like it went through a blender!!! And she didn't have a hole!!! hhhehh... rhahh

2. “Remnants of the hymen are referred to as carunculae myrtiformes, or hymenales but are most commonly referred to as hymenal tags.” Healing Passage, Anne Frye, p. 52.

Béla Kiss

Always, never, and forget about it.
That's prolly the weirdest vagina I've seen on this site. And I've seen a lot of weird vaginas on this site.