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It is common sense really @Janine, if you feed them and keep them alive they breed more so there is more mouths to feed. The only thing they seem capable of is eating and fucking, they need to understand that the World owes them nothing as they contribute nothing. They should learn that the more kids they have the more they are going to watch them die!
As in your words"Harsh but fair"...
I'm starting to like you, stop it...
Btw, the way you used the words "time immemorial" in the other thread makes me feel like you would know the name Micah Hanks...?
I didn't know Micah Hank's, cheers! Do now looks like an interesting guy.. I'll order one of his books this week and give it a go..
If I'm not keen, we'll have to be at war
If I like it
I see a grand alliance ahead between us :)


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No one is going to take this guy seriously he’s a nut box.