WW1: Trenches, Death, Mayhem



Let It All Bleed Out
DeathHand, set 82 photo 2, is that WW1? That truck chassis looks a little more modern, especially the tires and axles. b2ux, you are giving us southerners a bad rep. Go read some history from books, not just fact blurbs gleaned from google searches. Then, you will realize how utterly asinine this statement is.
Yep, that photo is WW1 but may have been in the latter stages of the war (mid-late 1918) - I'm not sure of the date.


Let It All Bleed Out
Just goes to show you how the war numbed the soldiers.
Unlike wars that came later (WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc.) I'm don't think that these boys had a clue about what they were getting into as far as the carnage and horror mostly because there was no preceding footage of a war before WW1 that any of them would have had access to. It wasn't the adventure that they thought it would be and ya, can really see how the death numbed these guys.
though those foxholes would be preferable to being in the open, as you dug im sure you couldn't help feeling as if you may as well put a tombstone there


well im a ww1 ww2 buff and I have not seen these photos before. very impressed well done
im off to the battle grounds to pay my respects to all the fallen this august.


Set 13.

49. Dead French soldier half buried in the dirt after artillery strike.
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Really amazing thread DeathHand, i'm really glad to find your work again on internet.

My great grandfather (Emile) was in the French infantry, he fought in Verdun at the age of 18. During the fighting, he was buried alive twice by artillery fire and saved twice by his comrades. He then lost one of his lungs after a gas attack ... (he smoked all his life and died at 74).
Before the war he wanted to become a priest and never have a child ... after he no longer believed in God, he got married and my grandfather was born in 1927... without this bloody war I will not exist, the chance of life...


There are so many photos online but mostly in small size/poor quality and is a lot of research to find an adequate caption what's going on or depicted. And some collectors have more or less ugly 'stamps' in the center of the photos on their online previews because they want to sell the originals.
This collector did a good job. (But has not many gorey pictures).

German infantry in a stable in France near Verdun.

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