Xbox 360 open tray error after replacing dvd drive?


Xbox 360 open tray error after replacing dvd drive?

my old xbox 360 arcade had the open tray error. it has the DG-16D2S Lite-on in it. i bought 2 new drives and a new laser and nothing works. this is what i did. First i tried a new Laser for the Lite-on and i still got the open tray. then after that i tried a whole new dvd drive. i dont know how to flash so i swapped the PCB's from my old drive to the new one. still same thing, open tray error. heres the thing that gets me, i then swapped the PCB's back to the original drives and just used the new drive in my xbox. the game was spinning but said play dvd. the reason why is because obviously its not the dvd key for my xbox. but when i put the PCB that has the dvd key for my xbox back in the new drive, it just comes up open tray. i tried this with 2 different dvd drives and i get the same results. so my thing is that maybe my PCB board is bad and causing the open tray. please if anyone can help, please do. thanks

That was tough to read. I can't help you anyway. I accidentally pulled my drive tray straight out of the system on my old 360, effectively ruining the drive.
It had already been repaired for the red rings, so I took it outside and smashed it on my sidewalk. That felt good.