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Young Beauty Beheaded

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by SicMonster666, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. SicMonster666

    SicMonster666 Dark Cunnilingus Lord Of Hairy Mount Venus

    Brazil- 3/19/2015

    A jealous rage led to a man beheading his 20 year old girlfriend.

    Beheaded2.jpg Beheaded1.jpg
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  2. Damo0666

    Damo0666 Forward Ever, Backwards Never

    Oh no what a waste, the sick fuck even put the knife in her hand lol

    i don't think you can claim it was a suicide mate
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  3. shop-boy

    shop-boy Fresh Meat

    more details to the story?
  4. Sally

    Sally dead

    Thanks to Google Translate:

    Early on Thursday (19) A 20 year old was killed and had his head cut off by fellow himself after an argument motivated by jealousy Angelim (216 km from Recife).According to preliminary information the military police, the couple was on the Feast of St. Joseph that takes place in March in the city and during the night would have returned home located on the street Sergio Loreto.The residence the two discussed for reasons of jealousy and the accused identified as Renato Guilherme da Silva took his Patricia Pereira da Silva companion to the yard and killed her with several knife blows to the chest.Then he beheaded and fled on a motorcycle in taking direction hitherto ignored.Relatives of the victim reported that Renato a few days had seen some messages on mobile young and since then the couple had been discussing a lot.The body of the young was collected and sent to the Medical Legal Institute (IML) in Caruaru.The Civil Police investigating the case and works in an attempt to locate the accused of this barbaric crime.Source: Duty Officer.
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  5. SicMonster666

    SicMonster666 Dark Cunnilingus Lord Of Hairy Mount Venus

    Yeah, what i said in one sentence.
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  6. SicMonster666

    SicMonster666 Dark Cunnilingus Lord Of Hairy Mount Venus

    Found one more pic.

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  7. SicMonster666

    SicMonster666 Dark Cunnilingus Lord Of Hairy Mount Venus

    You got the whole story.
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  8. deadpuppet

    deadpuppet Forum Veteran

    There's a waste. :(
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  9. Mtnflyer

    Mtnflyer Border Undesirable

    Didn't even take the head as a keepsake. True love my ass!
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  10. Hazelnuts

    Hazelnuts Well Known Member

    Those fucking Da Silvas are at it again!
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  11. tero

    tero GOREBABY

    This is some truly sick shit. Wow how do these guys(girls) get too this point? May she rest in peace. TWISTED BEINGS................
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  12. Tooly

    Tooly Tier One

    If they're not named, I assume they're de Silva's. :Happy:
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  13. crystal1932

    crystal1932 bring it on baby!!!! smiling faces tell lies :)

    That sucks! ! Maybe if she gave him some head ... she wouldn't be missing hers! Uggh , men! :)
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  14. Venom

    Venom MCMXXV Killem All

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  15. Mongrel

    Mongrel It's all fun & games until someone looses an eye

    And Brazil continues to be the fucked up death capital of the world.....:rambo::dead:
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  16. - PETRUK -

    - PETRUK - Lurker

    she cut his head ??
  17. Graziani


    40.000 homicides by year
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  18. Bethy


    Nothing says i hate you more than hacking your fucking head off :<_>: and with kitchen knives to boot :eek:
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  19. killermfkaty

    killermfkaty HELLBILLY

    She's still a keeper.
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  20. A Nameless Ghoul

    A Nameless Ghoul ☠☠☠☠☠

    A few stitches here and there, some embalming chemicals, and you're good to go.
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