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against the dying light.

There are so many weird creatures crawling around on the world and we still don’t know all of them. Here’s one we do know about, but maybe you didn’t know about: the Megalopyge opercularis, or flannel moth caterpillar.

It looks like a yellow version of your aunt’s yappy little lapdog, except it’s probably bigger than her dog. This giant caterpillar was found in the Amazon rainforest by photographer Jeff Cremer and biologist Phil Torres.

It shuffles along at a typically slow caterpillar speed, but I’d say it’s got more swag to it’s shuffle than other caterpillars. The feathery fluff that covers it is actually poisonous spines. So this dog definitely bites.




this is who you all want as your president...

oh wait, what? well you will be sure to get a crack pipe in your mail at least


All Hillary has to do at this point is make sure that another Bush or an incompetent like Rubio will be chosen to lead the Republicans, to ensure that she becomes president.

Rue the fucking day America (and the world)