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That's a whole lot of words for a random nobody. lol The banning fantasy thing makes me believe you're nothing but piss and wind. Your account was still active at the end to my knowledge Suicide Boy, but you must have really gotten your panties in a bunch to remember me that way ha ... and why am I not surprised that you would pick the gayest photo you had for military proof. Why not something that looks like you actually did something? a weapon, in a jeep, you had a gay pic handy but nothing else.

So what you're saying is patriots should sacrifice themselves by going to fight sand people yet again because of, uh connections? I thought it was my freedom? I thought i remembered you were well educated, you're just a sheep.
So what do you suggest, people don’t join the military? That’ll be just great, thatll make America great (even tho it’s never has been) imagine the freedoms you’d have then


fuck the govt...
We are all Amazonzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Republicans have always been about the rich getting richer,no need to discuss.

Democrats sold out....uh...
What people need to know is that the New Democrats’ historic business patrons are more despicable that Goldman Sachs. The New Democrats’ first formal organization, created in 1984, was the Democratic Leadership Coalition (DLC). The DLC was funded overwhelmingly by huge corporations, but two of its donors are worthy of special note – the Koch Brothers and the Bradley Foundation. Tom Frank made this point forcefully in in 1984 in What’s the Matter with Kansas. The DLC spawned another Wall Street front group with an even more dishonest name – the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI).

Go Bernie!
politics is the most disgraceful and corrupt game on the planet! only a scumbag type of a person got into politics. they might start out with good intentions but then wind up being on the take at some point. unless they havent been in the game long enough. and theres that.... term limits,so none of them can turn into a scumbag on the take because of complacancy. because after a while,these scumbag pieces of shit forget they work for US! NOT rule us....


The Wizard
So what do you suggest, people don’t join the military? That’ll be just great, thatll make America great (even tho it’s never has been) imagine the freedoms you’d have then
I can't say what you personally should do, that's for you to decide. I know that the servicemen/women in my family would not have readily enlisted to follow this current administration to any war. They've conveniently gotten rid of their experienced military leadership and have opted to fill our Dept of Defense and Homeland security with defense contractors and CEOs from Rayetheon and Haliburton. They are doing this at the same time they're stroking the cock of the king of sand people.

You don't have to enlist the next time there's a big provocation that's blamed on Iran, although I would highly encourage it if you're a Trump fanatic. Enlist, your title of patriot depends on it! < that could be printed on a hat.

If they don't have enough people to fight their sand wars, maybe they draft, or fight about it. That's possibly a good path to the revolution you're all just dying to have.


The Wizard
You don't like my little war fantasy nigger? Blaine said he's in total sheepish support of his government. Would you encourage your son to join their army?


The Wizard
Well the second two paragraphs were for fun, but the first paragraph is completely accurate. I think your sweet sexist reply is more indicative of you having a small wiener and a lack of spine to engage me in real discussion.

Mr uncledilf

Alpha male
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