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The funniest thing is you add up people like Pelosi, schiff, nadler, Schumer, Biden, Maxine waters etc you easily have 300 years in politics, and they all accomplished nothing when Obama held both houses besides enrich themselves. Career criminals. But the guy who's not even done 4 years is the enemy. Fucking retarded Americunts, keep voting for them :lol:
That's y I consider most to be "Hampsters in a Cage" my friend...Jump on that wheel,look Straight forward,and get that fkn Wheel Spinning!...And Don't bother thinking about shit Either,That's being done for them..."FUCKIN SHEEP" my friend...SP


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all these politicians are controlled by the 1% anyway. bilderbergs (or however its spelled) koch brother(s), rockafellers, and on and such. theyre the ones who pull the strings and use the presidents as their personal scape goats. why do you think the 1% ARE ALWAYS GETTING ALL THE TAX BREAKS? and getting away with crimes and such? exemption is a corrupt term!


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Yeah, I know. We had lessons about certain international government systems in school in the '70 -'80s.
But some US forum members did show me their ballots for voting, for what are these? Just a recommendation for the electoral college or in case this college won't come to any result?
I like the kind of system we had here before 1918, wealthy, educated citizen's votes count more than from bums and young men. Up to 10000 : 1.
Would need some updates though; women should be of course allowed to vote and the focus had to be more on education and age.
Priorities were alot different back then; Social Security/Immigration/National Debt/Military Sectors....etc, it would need to be Soo reformed it wouldn't work like it did. Maybe an implication of a new system, but there will always be flaws & weeknesses. I have been effected and I was lower class (income scale) but I worked my way up to middle class if you will. I just adapt to change as it comes, and not to fight / change it when it comes to business/healthcare/housing sectors in my life. Like a military mantality: "Improvise, adapt & overcome". I'm not in it for personal gain, just try to understand it to succeed like a sport, because that's all politics are, a Game.

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people didnt like trump before he ran. a lot of people never heard of him before he decided to run. hes always been a racist bigot shit stirrer. i never liked the ones yo speak of. theyre ALL pieces of shit. political scumbags,is what they are. and yes term limits are a must! you also left out one key group. the lobbyists. do away with them,and a lot of greed and corruption will be eliminated in washington. heres the other thing. you get an approval rating as a congressperson. if it drops below a certain percentage,your out. done. finished. the person who you beat out for that seat,gets your job now. sounds incentive enough for me,for them to do good job and right by american(s). and when all these fuckfacess are done in washington,they become regular citizens. no percs or anything. they get a regular job doing whatever the fuck. just like every one else. this way when theydo their job,it will be done fairly because they have to live the life they made of the rest of the country. they should not be exempt. they were nobodies before they got into politics,and should remain as such when theyre done serving! fuck them...

"he's always been a racist bigot..." mrln, you've got it wrong son.


HEY!!! Don't be comparing that left wing faggot to a woman... ffs, lol .. :p :) Not all women are left wing ya know.. I'm not :)