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The Wizard
Sure. I stepped off the bus at Lackland AFB for basic military training on September 7th, 2001; 9/11 was four days later. I deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and other operations, and am a (non-combat) military veteran.

While most of the Ogrish-dwellers around that time were buying garbage from Hot Topic, getting shitty tattoos, jerking off, and making edgy forum posts, I was busy working to defend this country from sand crickets. I'd do it all again, too.

This is a photo of me just after graduating BMT, unfortunately a picture of a picture, need to scan it sometime soon:

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This time when you go to Iraq and nonfight for my freedom try posting a less gay military picture.
I can't say what you personally should do, that's for you to decide. I know that the servicemen/women in my family would not have readily enlisted to follow this current administration to any war. They've conveniently gotten rid of their experienced military leadership and have opted to fill our Dept of Defense and Homeland security with defense contractors and CEOs from Rayetheon and Haliburton. They are doing this at the same time they're stroking the cock of the king of sand people.

You don't have to enlist the next time there's a big provocation that's blamed on Iran, although I would highly encourage it if you're a Trump fanatic. Enlist, your title of patriot depends on it! < that could be printed on a hat.

If they don't have enough people to fight their sand wars, maybe they draft, or fight about it. That's possibly a good path to the revolution you're all just dying to have.
^ wizard


Bloomberg BloombergBloombergBloombergBloomberg
please Gd.
A rich old white Gucci wearing Jew who just admitted to all the mistakes he made managing NY, and buys his way into the field now without debating anyone. Good luck with the fantasy you have :lol:

God you people are idiots


Pure Scorpio
A rich old white Gucci wearing Jew who just admitted to all the mistakes he made managing NY. Good luck with the fantasy you have :lol:

God you people are idiots
Bloomberg was great for NYC. bloomberg May not have a chance but he promised $1 billion to back a Democrat into office.
and, to defuse hostility
I hope he makes an errant 💩 on Trump’s head🤣
maturity is not my strong point ...


The Wizard
Clearly the GOP has a mob problem.

So much for caring about our embassies and the Americans that work there. Mafia stalking and openly offering to eliminate an American ambassador all with the president's knowledge. Mr Hyde is running for office and he's counting on you red hatters to help, that is if he doesn't end up in jail.


The Wizard
New scoop - R Hyde was taken into police custody last year at Trump's Doral club claiming that the secret service and a hit man were trying to kill him. He was sent to a medical facility. Landscaper turned lobbyist now running for office in Connecticut. Nothing unusual about that. lol

The lawyer for the Ex Ukraine Ambassador is now calling for an investigation into the surveillance and plot to eliminate her.

The dems are just going to continue to feed the public with bits of this at a time. This Hyde guy doesn't sound very stable. He needs to be in protective custody, like Epstein. haha His statement today is that the messages were taken out of context and he was just playing around.