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Man in hurry



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outlaw393 - 1 month ago

Yeah he killed himself

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X_Terminator - 1 month ago

Whoa the Six Million Dollar Man can RUN! But not fast enough. Dumbass lol

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Gored - 1 month ago

He couldn't wait 5 fucking seconds?

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GoreObsessed13 - 2 months ago

That was great, mother fucker went flying!!! No way he survived that shit.

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deadHEADed - Dec 3, 2016

Direct hit...I heard the noise from the impact, not sure about death cause the train literally lifted him off his feet, barrelling him with force further down the track...definitely some broken bones and internal injuries, probably dead but people have survived impacts like that, not impossible

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PaulAngloSaxon - Dec 3, 2016

I vote that he made it . Real damn close though. I always wonder when people drive the way they do your probably talking about a couple of minutes if that. Is it worth it?

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FreeBeer - Nov 29, 2016

looks like a suicide for me

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HeLarryUs - Dec 1, 2016

I think he made it.............

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FreeBeer - Dec 6, 2016

yeah.. He definitely made it,...to hell

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pustulance - Nov 29, 2016

So was it accident or intentional? Hard to tell.