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Woman shot dead while dancing in India



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deadHEADed - 11 months ago

Hold on, she must have been shot more than once because you only see her get shot in the leg, not the head which is where the blood is coming from:confused:
And over there if you're a girl and your not married (or arranged to be) by the age of 14/15 then watch out...good married girls don't dance...

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Mdoobs - Dec 14, 2016

It was an Indian wedding reception and as unintentional. They have some fucked-up tradition involving firing a gun over their head or something. He was ifacing away from her and he fired over his shoulder. What's odd is the lack of 1st aid and CPR. We've seen worse who've lived…

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Ihategod - Dec 13, 2016

Haha, I hope that cunt dies.

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FreeBeer - Dec 12, 2016

Must have been a jealous boyfriend or a revange..The question here is how did that guy passed unnoticed with that big ass shotgun?

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eumesmo - Dec 12, 2016

falling like a rag doll, priceless

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Shameless - 9 months ago

You're such a pussy, Felix.