Father and Sons Killed By Machete

Father and Sons Killed By Machete

2 years ago, 25207 views
A grisly scene indeed
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by FreeBeer - 6 months ago
i need a machete so i can use it on my father
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by ChristieIsFat - May 25, 2015
People ask me why I don't like the idea of traveling to certain exotic, non-English speaking places.

I tell them to google the word 'machete'.

They usually stop fucking asking.
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by sweetandnasty - Apr 15, 2015
And them idiot r laughing
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Replied by pustulance - May 26, 2015
With grammar like "them idiot r laughing," I would think twice about calling someone idiots.
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by metanoiajb100 - Apr 1, 2015
How can anyone find this funny
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by HEHEHOHO - Mar 30, 2015
not bad