accident video

  1. chowcat

    accident Its all fun and games until...

  2. MadEroz

    Warning:Children Well he is tough..

    He is tough huh maybe adrenaline?
  3. MysteryTraveler

    accident Flying Car Demolishes House

    Flying Car Demolishes House
  4. MadEroz

    Warning:Children *Warning* Toddler got wrecked

    This mf mother is not holding her baby not tight enough. This incident happen in Philippines (September 3,2022). The baby got hit by a Tricycle and followed by Jeepney.
  5. punkduck

    accident Parking mastery. đź‘‘

  6. punkduck

    accident Transit horrors - Mini compilation

  7. punkduck

    accident Recorded Crash - limited visibility - dash cam - Russia

    Volume up :)
  8. Hate

    accident Man saved from plane crash seconds before train collision

    LOS ANGELES — The pilot of a small plane averted death twice in a span of minutes on Sunday, first when he crash-landed onto railroad tracks, then when Los Angeles police rescued him just before a commuter train smashed into the aircraft. Bodycam video showed the officers working furiously to...