1. vaga

    Serious Israeli Police accidentally kill 3 year old girl

    During a ramming incident at a checkpoint in the Occupied West Bank, Israeli officers opened fire on a car, and a stray bullet hit a van with a child inside.
  2. Donkeyd

    Guns How not to shoot an AK

    Almost took out the crowd! šŸ˜³
  3. Fjdjdjcjsnd

    Anyone got full video

    Anybody got the full vid of the 12 year old girl shooting her cousin on live then killing herself?
  4. punkduck

    accident Unguided trailer runs crushes a store down.

  5. OscarTheGrouch

    Insurgent Killed By His Own Bomb In Afghanistan

    An insurgent was torn to pieces by his own bomb when it exploded on a highway patrolled by Afghan and foreign troops in south-eastern Afghanistan, police said. Police believe the man was either a suicide bomber with explosives strapped to his body or had been planting the bomb at the side of the...