1. Punisher_1

    Crime An officer gets ambushed luck saves him

    Because he was stupid as fuck His body armor was shit, he did not take off his seat belt and that almost killed him, he did not draw his weapon allowing the guy to put multiple shots on him. He should be dead but he was very lucky the criminal was dumber than he was.
  2. Punisher_1

    Crime 5 armed men

    These 5 guys all armed break into a home, the Police ambush them on the way out.... No after images for video at this time.
  3. Punisher_1

    Crime HCSO cops get run over

    This was an ambush. I have no idea why they did not shoot this nigger right away. Cops will kill you for a 1 mph bump this guy 100% tried ot kill them and they just tase the faggot. This is why I would not be a Cop these days.
  4. Punisher_1

    Hoodrat with a tec 9 tries home invasion

    So ya nothing exciting but look how blatant this hoodrat is. Not to mention the other homie strolling down the street as well. clearly, our Justice system is a joke. Soon there is going to be a shift in this country and it will be bloody.
  5. Cobh

    Irish peacekeepers in Lebanon ambushed.

    The post on twitter read... "Last night close to midnight, a UNIFIL peacekeeping vehicle driving from Beirut to the south of Lebanon passed through the town of al-Aaqbiyeh, a Hezbollah stronghold located south of Sidon. Residents of the town were “called to the scene” to try and stop the...
  6. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Body Cam Footage Of Man Hiding Under Bed & Ambushing Police~

    :facepalm: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The incident that resulted in the death of Timothy Johnson, whom police say was wanted on an out-of-state felony warrant, happened on Nov. 15 in a rural area. Officers in the state’s capital were called to a travel trailer after being told Johnson had been...
  7. Nick Cage

    fights body slammed into a coma by angry dude

  8. sadol

    Micah Xavier Johnson

    Photos have been leaked alleging to depict dead Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, and a Saiga AK-74 rifle allegedly used by the shooter in the act of killing citizen killers. Funny how all initial reports claimed there were two snipers, but suddenly we get it narrowed down to a shooter...
  9. Srboje

    Four journalists killed in an ambush- Saigon 1968.

    Four journalists, one British and three Australian, killed in an ambush in Saigon. The fifth journalist escaped by playing dead. -Enjoy:
  10. DeathHand

    Ukraine Convoy Taken Out (2014)

    I posted some of the pics from this ambush of a Ukrainian convoy (the 5th Battalion) by pro-Russian fighters last year in another thread. But I came across some larger images that I didn't have, so here they are. Reports stated that the pro-Russian fighters lured the Ukrainian convoy into...
  11. graveland

    ambush on algerian soldier by terrorist scum

    ambush on algerian soldier by terrorist scum :rose: