1. tenguix

    Female Fasciitis!

    This thread is all about women with gnarly necrotizing fasciitis. {Set 1 of 2} 55-year-old -- diabetic, with NF of the breast and arm (fatal): 26-year-old -- anemic, eight days postpartum, NF causing complications in an episiotomy wound: 27-year-old Chinese woman -- 10 days after a fat...
  2. tenguix

    Noma (Necrotizing Gangrenous Stomatitis / Cancrum Oris)

    A disease believed to be caused through some interaction between Fusobacterium Necrophorum or Prevotella Intermedia and other bacteria. Individuals with malnutrition, immunodeficiency, poor hygiene and generally gross living conditions run a significantly greater risk of developing Noma. It is...