1. Monkman777

    disaster That's A Flaming Bar

  2. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Hitmen out for blood
  3. Bethy 🔥

    Guns Drinking Goes Wrong

  4. Bethy 🔥

    Guns Shooting Caught On Camera

  5. Bethy 🔥

    fights This Fucked Up A Night Out Drinking

  6. Bethy 🔥

    Guns Woman Got Shot

  7. Bethy 🔥

    Crime Calm.. Cool.. And Collected

  8. Lord Gutsy

    Crime Executed at the bar

  9. Ginjabread man

    beatings Scary Mary (Mariah)

  10. Bethy 🔥

    Crime Fucking Up Our Buzz

    Hitmen storm bar
  11. Bethy 🔥

    Guns El Chapo’s Nephew Opens Fire In Bar

    Police Did Not Arrest The Son Of The Cartel Leader Who Wounded A Man In A Bar. Mexico Moment Chapo's nephew Guanito pulls out gun and fires eight shots inside crowded Mexican bar and wounds a man - but cops don't arrest son of fugitive Sinaloa Cartel leader. El Guanito and several other men...
  12. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Crazy bitch sets dude ablaze at bar

    That bitch is loco
  13. MysteryTraveler

    animals Chimp Joke

    A Thanksgiving giggle for my GG friends and enemas.
  14. Lord Gutsy

    fights Drunk Russians

    Russia - Vladik and Efendi drank in a tavern, where they met Akif and Rajab. A short friendship ensued, which quickly escalated into a fight over a statement to calm down. The pogrom cost 150,000 rubles, the owner wrote a statement. One of the participants in the batch had his jaw broken and is...
  15. Monkman777

    bizarre Last Call Special

  16. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Man Randomly Throws Grenade In Bar~

  17. WickedMal

    bizarre Man Dropped By Woman In Bar

  18. Maven

    fights Cow punching

  19. WickedMal

    bizarre Dispute At Bar Leads To Murder

  20. Lord Gutsy

    fights angry gf stabs her bf in bar

    Man Stabbed By His Girlfriend at the Bar in Porto de Moz , Brazil.
  21. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre A True Drunken Friend

  22. Monkman777

    bizarre Drinking some guinness

  23. msr

    Grady Judd and the bar shooting

  24. msr

    London bar accident