1. DeathHand

    2 Cops Murdered

    It's possible that these might have already been posted. Two state policemen were abducted and then found dead a few days later. Both had been severely beaten and then strangled to death with thick twine that was left around their necks. Acapulco, Mexico, September 4, 2018 1. Cop...
  2. SicMonster666

    Homeless man konked on the head....brains exposed!

    A homeless man was brutally beaten with a wooden stick & possibly fists & feet, by two drunk thugs in the city of Apuí, in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. Local residents found the man with a severe head wound. They called Police & he was quickly whisked away to the hospital. Despite the exposed...
  3. eumesmo

    beating somes guys

  4. DeathHand

    Raped 'n Beaten in Cemetery

    This young lady, 19 years old, was raped in a cemetery and beaten to death with a cross (not sure if was a stone or wooden one). No sign of the cross (no pun there) and no other pics... Codajas, Brazil, April 23, 2016. 1. 2.
  5. DeathHand


    The boyfriend/hubby of this woman chased her down a road, beat her, raped her and then finished the job with a rock head bashin'. Novo Paraiso, Brazil, May 2, 2016. 1. 2. 3. ] 4. 5. The rapist/killer - that head is sure to get shoved up some inmates ass for shits n' giggles
  6. Mental Puppy

    Beaten and possibly tortured

    The body of a 24 year old man was found yesterday morning by a group of boys whom ran home and told their families. The corpse showed signs of heavy bruising, beating and torture. Tennis shoe laces were used to gag him and a stick had been used to "twist" his face. The body was identified by the...
  7. Nex

    Man beats father in law and dragged behind car

    Said to have occurred December 24th, 2015 Navirari, Brazil A 56 year old man was beaten, than dragged 3 kilometers and left in the middle of the road. Police believe he was bound, and beaten unconscious than tied to the back of the car by his son in law (30 years old) who later confessed to...
  8. not_a_robot

    16 yr old burnt to death after good beating

    Apologies if this has already been posted. Story is this 16 year old was one a several who murdered a taxi driver in Guatemala City. She got caught, the others did not. Angry mob beat the shit out of her then burnt her to death. Enjoy.