1. D.O.A.

    beatings Last car he keys for a while

  2. D.O.A.

    beatings Wrong store asshole

  3. ZeroK

    beatings Beat By Italian Police

  4. Maleficent

    beatings ~Guy Pistol Whips His Girlfriend On Livestream~

  5. DeathHand

    beatings Russian Skinheads Beat On 2 Park Drunks

    Orenburg, Russia A couple of Russian skinheads have a good go at a couple of guys drinking in a park, who have no chance. Vid:
  6. Maleficent

    beatings ~Man Who Tried To Seduce A Married Woman Stoned To Death In India~
  7. ZeroK

    beatings Careful When U Order Uber Eats

  8. Maleficent

    beatings ~Old Lady Beating Thief~

  9. Baltazarus

    beatings Gypsy beating his sister!

    VIDEO: Gypsy beating the shit out of his sister for fucking Russian. I am surprised that this bitch creature didn't fuck her own brother before fucking random Russian guy. Imagine white person fucking gypsy? MY GOD!
  10. Maleficent

    cartels ~Cartel Baseball Bat Punishment Part 2~

    :shrug: Part one available here : beatings - ~Baseball Bat Punishment By Cjng Members Part 1
  11. Lord Gutsy

    beatings old fuck got his head bashed in with rock

  12. DerWilderer

    beatings *Warning* Immigrant girls bully, spit&beat German girl in public

    Hi there, here's a viral video that is heatedly discussed in Germany right now. It's about a 12-years old German girl which is harrassed, beaten and bullied by immgrant girls in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. 😕 The video is just a snipped of the full tragedy: The girl was bullied for...
  13. Maleficent

    beatings ~Baseball Bat Punishment By Cjng Members Part 1

  14. DeathHand

    beatings Guy Can't Stand Favela Punishment - Jumps into River

    This guy reportedly used fake money to buy some drugs and is going to receive favela punishment. They really whack him hard numerous times before he can't take it anymore and decides to bail by jumping into the river. Gang members followed him down the shore and eventually caught him. No word on...
  15. Maleficent

    beatings ~Indians & Their Swords~

    A video went viral on social media since Friday morning. In the video, bike-riding youths are seen attacking youths walking on foot with sharp weapons. This video is of Radha Swami Road, Gill Road, Ludhiana, Punjab and is being told on the day of Holi. However, no complaint has reached the...
  16. Maleficent

    bizarre Direct Hit From Drunk Guy

    India - drunk man throws a bottle at tractor driver.The driver then falls and got ran over by his own tractor killing him on the spot.
  17. Maleficent

    beatings ~Woman Tied To Tree & Whipped~

  18. PRinglE_x

    fights Pick on someone your own mental size in Louisiana.

    Caught this my first week as a freshman. Kid had bullied some weirdo and got clobbered for it.
  19. Maleficent

    beatings ~Black Thief Beaten By Chinese~

  20. Donkeyd

    beatings Little ginger bastard

  21. chowcat

    beatings House intruder got stucked

  22. ZeroK

    beatings Child Abuser. Guess What's In The Bottle

  23. Kickasskev

    beatings Beat up by the cops!

    Unsure of the circumstances, but it looks like French police beating immigrants?
  24. ZeroK

    beatings Using Funny Money At The Casino

  25. ZeroK

    beatings Latin Soccer Fans

  26. Obber

    Man beats up his Mother and Grandmother Live…

    The Reason is because of the loud music. that’s all i digged up from the sources. He probably got angry and started beating them when they tell him to lower or stop the loud music. 🤷‍♀️ i could be wrong. Note: All videos/content that i randomly collected are from the Internet (freaking obvious...
  27. ZeroK

    beatings A Guy Named Biggie

  28. Monkman777

    beatings Guy Beaten And Ran Over By Wife

  29. Maven

    beatings Beating and aftermath

  30. Blood_Sport

    fights Batty Boy Gets Fisted In The Street

    I don't know what the skinny little poof was trying to say, but the other dude certainly didn't agree with him
  31. Sgt.Stupid

    How to play CS 1.6

  32. DeathHand

    beatings Gang Breaks Arms & Legs ~ Brazil

    Source stated that the man's arms and legs were broken by gang enforcers for some misdeed. No word on what the guy did (which can only be a few things...) or the date, which I'm presuming is either late Nov or early Dec 2022. The compound fracturing of his lower legs musta hurt like a bitch...
  33. ZeroK

    beatings American Cops Not Shooting Suspects As Often

  34. Ginjabread man

    beatings Teacher tried to become the master 🤕

  35. Monkman777

    cartels Druggie Gets Earlobe Sliced Off

  36. Cobh

    beatings 2 members of An Garda Síochána beat by drunks on a night out

    Shit video filmed on snapchat but funny nonetheless. 2 members of the Irish police force beaten.
  37. ⛧⸸ᴹᵁᴿᴰᴱᴿᴰᴼᴸᴸ⸸⛧

    Trannsexual Went To Pee In Lady`s Room ...

  38. Spawnofkraken

    beatings Bolsonaro supporters beaten on the street.

    No other info on this, maybe someome can translate.
  39. Mud

    beatings South African farmer is beaten

    A South African farmer is stripped naked and savagely beaten with planks of wood by group of Bantu thugs. This is sadly the daily lives of White South Africans. No media outrage, no condemnation from human right groups & no sanctions. *I apologize for the lack of audio
  40. ZeroK

    beatings No Crying In Thug Life

  41. kesha13

    beatings 3 Cops Beating the Shit out of Someone

  42. User850MN

    It's politics

    A Political leader of Bangladesh awami league chilling with his opposition while busting cool dance moves on a latin song and occasionally beating the fellow with a plastic pipe
  43. tr4umafairy


    Happened in Italy, in Milan.

    beatings Agression Motivated by discussion about war turned into beating, NY Subway

    A US mercenary who fled Ukraine in April got into a fight with a man on the New York subway and was humiliatedly defeated. This is what happens when, instead of posing for photos and telling stories about your "feats", you face a real adversary.
  45. cacarara74874

    beatings It's getting hard to be a woman out there

    Apparently after years of feminism, misandry and whoredoom women are starting to experience what it is to be a man (having to fight for yourself). Guys at the end did the right thing, chivalry is dead, you don't fight or help some bitch you don't know and who probably wouldn't help you either...
  46. Cobh

    beatings Gang of gypsies badly beat man

    Irish travellers (gypsies) attack man with bats, bars and a pitch fork. In Dublin, Ireland.
  47. punkduck

    beatings Valuable member of the society was a little unruly

    Fucking nignog.
  48. Monkman777

    animals Donkey Gives Guy A Beating

  49. chowcat

    fights Being a side hoe in Brazil

  50. D.O.A.

    beatings "we have ways of making you talk"