1. Maybe Maggot

    Heart Still Beating Outside of the Body

    Accident aftermath. Looks like India.
  2. cadaver1

    Prisoners tortured in Mosul

    Torture of prisoners in the prisons of Mosul | theYNC
  3. cadaver1

    Woman cops a slight beating

    Cruel beating of a woman Busted by Karma!
  4. cadaver1

    Got lynched bad

    Agonizing after Being Lynched and Shot | theYNC
  5. cadaver1

    Hubby beats wife

    Husband Savagely Beating his Wife | theYNC
  6. cadaver1

    Bashed to death by ex

    Girl was beaten to death by EX
  7. cadaver1

    The caning of the coon

    Torture in Zimbabwe | theYNC
  8. cadaver1

    animals Lady beats dog

  9. cadaver1

    African justice

    Man Involved in Robbery Lynched and Burned by Mob | theYNC
  10. cadaver1

    kurdish militant learns a lesson

    Kurdish militant get tortured by Turkish paramilitary (R)
  11. cadaver1

    Cunt of a father

    Unspeakable cruelty! | theYNC
  12. cadaver1

    Jigaboo gets Beaten, stonned and set on fire

    BRUTAL: Dude Beaten, Stoned THEN Set on Fire | theYNC
  13. cadaver1

    The perils of stealing
  14. cadaver1

    Tranny Brawl

  15. cadaver1

    Kid hung upside down and slapped

    (Repost) Uncivilized mainlander Chinese family beat there child | theYNC
  16. cadaver1

    Flogged for stealing

    Shoe thief flogged with sticks
  17. cadaver1

    Thugs beat old lady

    Migrants in Denmark Beat up Elderly Danish Woman for no reason | theYNC These repugnant oxygen thief's need to be tortured sadistically for their actions.
  18. cadaver1

    Prisoner getting bashed by gaurds

    Prisoner is brutally punished | theYNC
  19. cadaver1

    African woman caned for stealing | African lady flogged for stealing bananas - Crazy Shit!
  20. cadaver1

    Piss weak teens 2 out a special needs person

    Two Arrested After Beating Man with Special Needs in Library | theYNC You can tell that these pussy's would turn to water if anyone bigger or better put it on them.
  21. cadaver1

    This guy must of fucked up
  22. cadaver1

    Guy gets bashes with planks of wood
  23. cadaver1

    theif gets stonned

    African Thief Keeps Recovering from Stoning After Being Burned – Best Gore
  24. cadaver1

    Neo-Nazis stab homeless bloke

    The footage is a little grainy...
  25. Jon E(vil)

    Bloke caught stealing from martial arts center. Beaten up

    This idiot got caught trying to rip off martial arts center, they put a pair of gloves on him and, well, just fuck him up. There are few funny moments, reminded me of the 'black belt vs nutter fight.' Best Gore
  26. DeathHand

    Gang Fight ~ One Sliced

    This young lad and his gang got into a fight with a rival gang (drugs, petty criminals, both...). A member of the other gang brought a machete and went at it on this guy after he had been beaten - killing him. Itacoatiara, Mexico, Sept. 25, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  27. Mental Puppy

    Beaten and possibly tortured

    The body of a 24 year old man was found yesterday morning by a group of boys whom ran home and told their families. The corpse showed signs of heavy bruising, beating and torture. Tennis shoe laces were used to gag him and a stick had been used to "twist" his face. The body was identified by the...
  28. Nex

    Refugees beaten after being caught trying to steal motorbikes

    Some members of the public saw what they were doing, caught them and made a citizens arrest awaiting the arrival of the French police.
  29. Nex

    Lebanese prisoner beaten

    Beirut, Lebanon Roumeih prison I would assume this was done because he flooded his cell, or he got the hose.