1. Maybe Maggot

    Duo Beheaded by Cartel

    Happened in Veracruz, Mexico. Don't know which group carried this out yet.
  2. cadaver1

    New ISIS beheading

    NEW ISIS Execution By Beheading HD | theYNC
  3. cadaver1

    Average beheading

  4. cadaver1

    Los Zetas behead victim

    Execution: New Los Zetas video in action | theYNC
  5. Lovinight

    An ancient belief about be-heading!

    The Bible traditionally reserves beheading for only the worst of crimes—and that’s because of beliefs about the soul. Rabbinical law covers four deaths: stoning, slaying (decapitation), strangulation, and burning. Beheading is reserved for the most serious of all crimes—murder and idolatry. The...
  6. cadaver1

    Best video from the favela in a while

    Gore vídeo, bandidos da Favela da Maré executam rivais.(R)
  7. cadaver1

    cartels Beheading some unlucky cunt | Narcos behead a rival - Crazy Shit!
  8. cadaver1

    Casual throat slicing

    young boy decapitated by unknown mexican | theYNC
  9. cadaver1

    African justice
  10. cadaver1

    Machete Beheading | Savage machete murder - Crazy Shit!
  11. G-Man_420

    Stoned & Quartered

    In an attempt to kill a rivaled gang member, this young thug accidentally killed a 7 month old baby. He got stoned & quartered by a machete. The killing was carried out by his own gang. You done fucked up bad, when your own people turn against you. Happened in Fortaleza, Brazil.
  12. Jon E(vil)

    Graphic video from Mexican cartel.

    One guy gets beheaded, the other gets bloodied up and a hole cut into his chest, his chest skinned and then his heart cut out. I had to pause it when the started skinning his chest, it was pretty strong violence. The YNC
  13. SicMonster666

    Russian teen beheaded by younger teen in jealously rage

    The beheaded body of a 19-year-old Russian teen named Artyom Shustov, was found in a park in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, in the far east of Russia. Russian authorities say, he was beheaded with a kitchen knife by 16-year-old Nikita Rasskazov. The murder was allegedly over jealousy of a girl. Nikita...
  14. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheads 2 After Nice

    This is the latest execution video released by ISIS to date. In it a French speaking executioner praises the Nice attack while the other French speaker executioner tells Francois Hollande that attacks like it will be repeated on his citizens in the streets of Paris, Marseilles, and Nice. After...
  15. DeadZone

    Syrian man beheaded for "mocking islam"

    Another day another death in Raqqa. It would seem the executioner is the one known as "the bulldozer" as seen in Nex 's thread Action Shot of an Apostate Beheaded (ISIS)
  16. DeathHand

    Man Beheads Wife & Baby

    Some of the story on this is not very clear. Basically, most are reporting that a man became jealous of his wife (not sure if she was fooling around) and decided to cut her head off and also the head of his baby son. It seems that locals got of hold of the guy, tied him up and beat him - not...
  17. DeathHand

    IS Sword Executioners

    Mixed compilation of ISIS's sword executioners that I've been collecting for a while. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. And the bases are loaded... 5.
  18. alhazred

    Jihadi beheading by Machete - back to front

    Sorry if this is a repost; I've searched extensively and come up short. I've had this one for about a year; tried to find the original source or/and some info on it, but came up short. I've searched the site, the forum and Google, but I've only been able to find it on BestGore. Here's the post...
  19. DeathHand

    ISIS Child Soldiers Hunt Game

    Another recently released ISIS video that they titled "To The Sons Of Jews." In it, ISIS child fighters run around an ancient ruins complex with a handgun to find Syrian soldiers that were captured and placed within the ruins. Each soldier is executed as they are found by the ISIS kids who...
  20. SicMonster666

    New Brutal Beheading's From Isis

    In this one, we've got an English speaking bloke spewing the same typical propaganda. New spokesperson maybe???
  21. SicMonster666

    New Isis beheadings & pistol executions

    Uncensored beheading's in this one.
  22. SicMonster666

    Two alleged spies beheaded by Isis

    Off to see the big Allah in the desert. These guys would've been so pimp on Christian
  23. Nex

    Woman Decapitated over Snapchat argument

    This was said to have happened around March 15th of 2015 Patrícia Pereira da Silva, 20 years old and Renato Guilherme da Silva were feuding via Snapchat At some point, it escalated and he took a fishing knife to her and ending it He than stabbed her in the chest and arm and then decapitated...
  24. DeathHand

    ISIS: Big Sword For Traitor

    This guy was accused by ISIS of giving some information to the Syrian army. That means only one thing: big sword an' off wit yer heed. And this one was nice and clean. Aleppo, Syria, September 20, 2015. 1. 2. 3. Moment of decapitation...
  25. Dr. Gauner

    Machete Decapitation

    On September 24, 2015 a corpse was found. The victim "Coffin Joe" (23) was brutally murdered and beheaded probably with a machete. The Military Police, said the boy was a drug abuser and left home on Sept. 22, however they believe he was killed on the 23rd because the body is still in a state of...
  26. D.O.A.

    81 year old Archaeologist beheaded by IS

    The Apostate Khaled Mohammed Al-As'ad Loyalist to the Nusayri Regime 1- Representative of Syria in the Infidel Conferences 2- Chief of the Idols in Antique Palmyra 3- His visitation to Iran and his attendance to the celebration of Khomaynis victory 4- His contact with his brother al - amid...
  27. DeadZone

    Struggling man beheaded by militia
  28. K

    Charred & Beheaded

    Hi All.:) I meant to post this after the gun post but forgot.
  29. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheading Parody

    The title says it all.
  30. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheads Archeologist

    This guy was 82 yrs old and when ISIS took over Palmyra a several months back he decided to stay, even as the Syrian army fled. He was the director of the Palmyra museum and had spent decades collecting and preserving thousands of artifacts from the ancient ruins. ISIS has been looting many...
  31. DeathHand

    ISIS Victim Goes Cross Eyed

    I'm not sure what ISIS accused this guy of, but it was probably a charge of being a spy. Either way, he ends up with an odd look on his face. Fallujah, Iraq, August 4, 2015 1. The I'm Fucked look... 2. 3. 4.
  32. FapKoЯn

    Abu Sayyaf Beheading A Hostage

    Country: Philippines Group Involved: Abu Sayyaf Motive: Kidnap for Ransom Incident: Beheading Reason: Conditions set by the rebel muslim group, Abu Sayyaf, not met by the government of the Philippines. Summary: Barangay Captain, beheaded by Abu Sayyaf One of the three hostages held captive by...
  33. Kyuss

    brutal beheading of a civilian

  34. DeathHand

    Woman Dances, Raped, Beheaded

    Hopefully not a repost - a general search turned up a similar thread title but just shows some woman covering her face. In this video a woman is held down and stripped by several men and raped after she had 'danced' for them. The woman was then beheaded. Seems that the men were caught as one...
  35. Venom

    Kinda of a beheading

    I'll do a full translation tomorrow if you like... There talking shit and asking them who they work for, there Zetas about to be beheaded by the CDG...
  36. SicMonster666

    New bloody Isis beheading

    Has a nice blood flow scene at the end.
  37. K

    What's The Most Gruesome Beheading You've Ever Seen?

    Yes, they are all gruesome, but has there been one in particular that has really burned a mark on your brain? Mine is without a doubt the Eugene Armstrong beheading. It's not really the blood everywhere that gets to me. It's the screaming and gurgling that gets me. Can you imagine what it would...
  38. PowerDrill

    Classic Vid - Dagestan Beheading Massacre

    Snackbars killing Ruskies during the Second Russian Chechen War. Let the blood flow! This is war!
  39. DeathsDoor


    The body of a headless man was found inside the Bodocongó Canal, in the same name district of Campina Grande in Paraiba. The delegate Homicide in charge, Tatiana Matos reported that the trunk and the head of the victim, who was not yet unidentified, were separated, however, within the same...
  40. Pibe Gore

    Biker beheaded by truck

    The accident occurred today in Thailand.
  41. KingSlayer

    9 year old child beheaded

    9 year old child beheaded in Thailand by Muslims extremists.also his family was killed to. here is also a video
  42. SicMonster666

    Brazilian Prison Riot's Leave 1 Beheaded & 7 Killed

    A convict was beheaded and another seven were killed due to a riot within the Presidio of Feira de Santana, located 110 km from Salvador. In addition to the dead, five inmates were injured on Sunday afternoon 24th of May. The riot took place because of a disagreement between two rival gangs...
  43. SicMonster666

    Man Found Beheaded

    The body of a man was found beheaded in a rural field in Bahia, Brazil- 5/17/2015.
  44. SicMonster666

    New video shows Isis beheading a man with a huge sword

    New video shows the beheading of a man by a large sword in response to recent bombing's carried out against Isis held cities.
  45. DeathsDoor


    The police team came across a guy running down the road. When approached he reported that 3 men were fighting, all with machetes. The team went to the location and encountered individuals and a female headless body on the floor. One of the individuals saw the police approaching and ran off...