1. I

    Serious where do i find

    the full version of the human slaugther house in syria the hd video's ive seen them once it was quite shocking now that i have found out my uncle likes to watch gore i kind of want to show the old man but i have searched all trough google and it seems nowhere to be found does annyone know where...
  2. Lares Deces

    Kaliin Opus

    Thursday, this rapper (Kaliin Opus) got mad at his girlfriend and chopped her head off in the middle of a street in San Castro, CA. I've yet to see any videos of the incident. Just wondered if anyone knew if any footage exists.
  3. rahalman

    Photo report of Mozambique attack (12th July)

  4. ZeroK

    cartels Fake or Real

    During The Dirty War
  5. Ralph666

    24yr old meth head mutilates B/F, leaves mother to find body... or parts of..

    Bitch be Crazy Reason # 47735 not to use meth etc It's one of those articles that reminds the reader that there is no good in this world and that only really bad things happen to really big assholes.. If you pause it when the police report is cited you can get a decent idea of what...
  6. ascendancy18

    German ISIS Supporter Jailed For Sharing Execution Videos & Discussing Potential Attack

    23yo Florian Flegel, from Ratingen, Germany, had been staying with friends in London when he sent messages containing extremist material to his friend in Germany about the terrorist group ISIS. He sent videos of beheadings and even discussed a potential attack on a football stadium. He was...

    Video & Image Request Thread

    Post your Video/Image Requests here and hopefully the members will be able to help :D
  8. Ralph666

    Beheading at Sea

    A Fijian beheaded another after a "Heated Argument" in the middle of the ocean on a Tuna boat. Six Crew jumped. Five Crew (2 Fiji 3 Indonesia) missing One Fijian found. The other two were found on the boat and are in Police Custody. The chances of survival now are gone. Source
  9. Crusty Santa

    Japans brutality and sadistic war tactics WW2