1. DirtyLee666

    And he won't back down

    Man gets beat down but doesn't back down from. The fight.
  2. DirtyLee666

    Two chinks at it

    Two chink go at it.
  3. Vasto7

    My cursed pictures

    Some of my cursed,haunted images i drew whit my own cursed blood,and scythe sword i made named Desanguinator. Heres a poem too... You always have looked soo beautiful in red,that you fill my heart whit lust and dread.I think those words have to be said,because my favorite colour have always...
  4. Sky

    I'm about to shoot this paintball gun point blank into my face

    Don't try this at home, he said..
  5. gruesome

    Snuff Horror Feature on Amazon Prime

    New snuff animation live action horror feature on Amazon Prime Here is trailer for feature Mr D Dark Extreme Trailer Link to Amazon Prime Mr D's No Thing Tales