1. DokraOwl

    Serious Israel Is Bombing Iran
  2. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Bombed while on live

  3. Punisher_1

    disaster Firefight and large strike on gaza

  4. Bethy šŸ”„

    Bombing Aftermath

  5. DeathHand

    War Guwahati, India Bombings 2008

    Guwahati, India On October 30, 2008, over 90 people lost their lives to nine near-simultaneous explosions at Ganeshguri, Pan Bazaar and at the CJM court complex in Guwahati, Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Barpeta Road that were orchestrated by the Ranjan Daimary-led faction of the NDFB. The...
  6. Red-Footed Booby

    Footage of the Aftermath of Russian bombings in Ukraine.

  7. DeathHand

    Warning Children Coalition Bombs Hit Market

    In the haste to eradicate ISIS militants wherever they are hiding, the US-led Coalition fighter jets often miss their target/s and end up pounding civilian areas with shitloads of cluster bombs, barrel bombs, missles of all sizes (ie: 500lb bombs), etc. This "Coalition" involves many NATO...
  8. Endday

    30 killed, 126 injured in Ankara bomb attacks

    The explosions occurred minutes apart near Ankara's main train station as people were gathering for the rally, organized by the country's public sector workers' trade union and other civic society groups. The rally aimed to call for an end to the renewed violence between Kurdish rebels and...
  9. hellyeah

    bombing baghdad

  10. DeathHand

    Yemeni Bombing Victims

    The pics are from two separate bombing in Yemen that happened in May 2011. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Heads or tails? 6. 7.
  11. DeathHand

    Damascus Bombing Victims (12-23-11)

    These people were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Damascus, Syria that took place on Dec. 23, 2011. 1. Face gone - eyeball still there. 2. 3. Bits. 4. 5. 6. 7.