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    bizarre I'll Show You

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    fights Escape From An Inverted Triangle

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    bizarre Does A Shower Sober Up A Drunk

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    bizarre An Organic Drink

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    cartels First Aid For Gunshots

  6. Sarka

    Man is shot in the knee after being caught in a motel with drug trafficker's wife

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    bizarre Military policeman handcuffs a criminal on a motorcycle and makes him run to the police station

    The case took place on Avenida Professor Ignácio de Anhaia Mello, in the Vila Prudente region, on the east side of São Paulo, Brazil.
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    beatings Car driver freaks out when motorcyclist hits him

  9. Sarka

    Man is found handcuffed on the banks of a stream with his arm full of live larvae

    The case took place in Muaná on the island of Marajó, state of Pará, Brazil. The man was found by people, he had been handcuffed for days, unable to move, the iron of the handcuffs cut his arm, which filled with larvae.
  10. angelo212

    Little Kid Destroys Classroom and Teachers Can’t Do Anything as They Aren’t Allowed to Touch the Kid

    High School Kid Body-Slams School Security Guard, Then Grounds-and-Pounds Him (Kids are Out of Control These Days) No wonder the dudes in Brazil are off the hook. Is it OK to put that link there? I know about a week or two ago there was a coment about putting links but I thought that might...