broken bones

  1. vaga

    beatings Favela justice - him vs her

    Couple caught stealing. He should have worn a wig and called himself Doris.
  2. WickedMal

    accident ~ 37 Year Old Cyclist Dead On The Spot After Being Hit By Train~

    :death: In the Yaroslavl region, a passenger train on the Moscow-Chita route hit a 37-year-old cyclist to death. The incident occurred yesterday, August 24, at 16:50 on the railway section of the Debolovskaya - Rostov stations. It was established that the victim is a resident of Rostov...
  3. Nick Cage

    cartel torture all limbs broken with planks

    does anyone have the video? i know ive seen it on gg before he was hung by his arms on a wall and tried standing on broken legs then hung on broken arms nearly tearing off and i think they knocked him in the head to end it