car accident

  1. Lucifer666

    Face jerkey

  2. DeathHand

    12 Yro Crashes Car 5 Die

    A 12 year old boy took his father's car without permission and went to a festival with the car packed with his friends - 9 teens plus him. On the way back home the kid lost control of the car which flipped, ejecting 3 passengers, and then slammed into a tree. The 12 year old survived along with...
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  4. eumesmo

    crazy youths with car

  5. DeathHand

    Female Driver Decapitated

    This young woman lost control of her car along a highway. After rolling several times the car came to a rest with the body of the female driver, decapitated, sticking out of a corner of the rear window. No word about her head... Tocantins, Mexico, August 8, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...
  6. tenguix

    Car accident: 1 impaled, 3 dead.

    Chinese carnage. I dunno how they're gonna get the survivor off that guardrail without his pelvis hemorrhaging all over the damn place.
  7. Nex

    Fatal car accident aftermath

    Skip to 0:50 if you like
  8. Nex

    Family of three incinerated

    I have no other details on this particular accident.
  9. DeathHand

    Bus Takes Out Family

    I wish there were more photos to this set that weren't censored otherwise I would have posted them. Anyways, this accident took place after a bus driver fell asleep at the wheel and rammed a car containing 6 family members. All occupants of the car died on the spot. Nothing seriously gorey but...
  10. DeathHand

    Car Lands In Pond

    The pics go back a few years but I haven't seen them on the boards. They show the wreck of a Lada, whose driver lost control and the car flipped into a roadside pond upside down. All three occupants drowned. One photo shows 4 bodies laid out on the side of the road - the press release stated 3...