car crash

  1. Monkman777

    accident Gay Dancing Leads To Crash

  2. iheartbadmemes

    Crime Attempted Robbery of Armored Truck

    Sorry if this is a repost Sorry if this is a repost
  3. Monkman777

    accident Fatal Auto Crash

  4. -ToGGaF-

    accident Crash Tosses Lady Around Like A Ragdoll

  5. mystery_man

    car crash / building collapse / death all in one accident video.

  6. mystery_man


    did he dieded?
  7. Monkman777

    disaster Car Bowling

  8. KingCold

    When you need those beauty products ASAP

    These two luckily seemed to walk away mostly unharmed but damn imagine getting pancaked at a beauty shop
  9. OHubbard93

    accident Just Fucking Send It!!!

  10. Hate

    accident Asian Taxi Crash

  11. Hate

    accident Brooklyn: man nearly struck by Tesla

  12. Ralph666

    Five killed in car crash... driver survived

    This happened over the weekend, in a town l lived in for 20 years. The road is very long road, making it popular for boy racers. The accident was at an intersection, hard to say what happened but if a car is going 100 + it gets really dangerous because of small rises in the road, go airborne...
  13. Crusty Santa

    *child warning* run over with car.