1. ZeroK

    bizarre Religious Nuts

  2. iheartbadmemes

    accident When will they learn that this is a bad idea?

  3. Monkman777

    disaster Friction Fire From Chainsaw

  4. Monkman777

    bizarre Testing Chainsaw Armour

    Guy's got a lotta faith....
  5. ZeroK

    bizarre Russian Chainsaw

  6. Cold Ethyl

    Mom, daughter allegedly butchered grandma with chainsaw, grilled her body parts

    A twisted Maryland mom and daughter are charged with dismembering the family’s matriarch with a chainsaw — then grilling the body parts to get rid of them — following a fight about a credit card, cops said. Margaret Craig, 71, had been dead for more than a week when police made the grisly...
  7. D.O.A.

    disaster Tim the Toolman

  8. Lord Gutsy

    accident ouch that's gotta hurt

  9. PorchMonkey84

    Looking for Chainsaw Cartel Video thanks

    Looking for Chainsaw Cartel video Plague Moth was talking about
  10. R

    Brutal Movie/show deaths or actually ones(specific)

    Anyone know of any good truly brutal emotional deaths. Split in half, head crushing, beaten so bad the person or head of person is crushed to a person pulp. Specifically in film would be nice but okay with real gore as well.