1. Maybe Maggot

    This Will Blow You Away

    Story (in Chinese): 竹市風箏節3歲女童被捲上天 市府:將檢討與追究原因 | 聯合新聞網:最懂你的新聞網站 Crappy translation: "...2020 Hsinchu City International Kite Festival yesterday in Hsinchu International Kite fishing arena debut today 15:40 a 3-year-old girl because of the wind field, causing the body wrapped candy kite tail...
  2. Maybe Maggot

    The Dog Did It

  3. Lovingit

    Chinese Man Spotted Eating A Bat Alive (video)

    Despite the widespread warning that the deadly Coronavirus was spread through the eating of Chinese Bat Soup, some of the Citizens aren't buying the talk as they believe it's no way linked to the virus. Just a few days ago, a woman was spotted eating a cooked bath in a Chinese Restaurant amidst...
  4. Lovingit

    China Shares Footage Of 20 Patients Who Recovered From Coronavirus (Video)

    Chinese media has shared footage showing 20 people celebrating as they leave a hospital after recovering from the coronavirus. n 11-second clip was shown on the state-run TV channel and purportedly shows former patients from the Jinyintan Hospital, in Wuhan, walking out the hospital after being...
  5. Lovingit

    Michael Jackson Clone Spotted Performing (video)

    Michael Jackson alive conspiracy fans are convinced footage of an impersonator on stage is actually his clone. The two videos have surfaced on YouTube this week of Chinese tribute artist Wang Jie – otherwise known as Jackson Wang. One clip from a performance in Sydney shows the singer...
  6. Lovingit

    Video Footage Shows People Dropping To The Ground in China Amid Corona-virus Outbreak (video)

    We just came across footage showing people in china dropping down in the streets and hospitals in China as the Chinese government fight to control the Coronavirus Outbreak. Wuhan City has been on the lockdown since it was identified as the city where the deadly coronavirus started, and nows we...
  7. Lovingit

    Man Climbs 36 Stairs Using Only His Head - Breaks World Record (Video)

    A lot of us would find a headstand challenging enough, however, Li Longlong (China) can not only stand on his head but walk on it too! Li, who is from Henan province of mainland China, has held the record for most consecutive stairs climbed on the head since 2012. His latest attempt was on the...
  8. Lovingit

    Checkout The World Class Hospital China Built in 10 Days- To Fight Corona-Virus (Video, Pictures)

    Just a few days after the corona-virus broke out in Wuhan, Chinese government went on high alert pulling every necessary resource to checkmate and control the outbreak, while at that, the Chinese government contracted around 700 managerial personnel’s and about 7,000+ construction workers to...
  9. Bloody Kisses

    Corona virus: Karmic justice towards China

    Karma is a bitch, and so am I.
  10. Burnt Öfferings

    China - Gutter Oil

  11. Bloody Kisses

    Why, China....whyyyy?!
  12. Gorgutz

    China Claims Young Men ‘Too Fat and Masturbate Too Much’ to Join Military

    An increasing number of young Chinese people are failing the required fitness tests to enter the military because they are “too fat and masturbate too much,” the country’s state media service has claimed. A report published in the state-run military newspaper People’s Liberation Army (PLA)...
  13. Stinky

    The Cannibal: Woman Meat Eater, China

    Cannibals in China prepare woman for consumption In a remote village in the country of China, every year before Chinese New Year, they will make cuts of meat on a large party. Bcoz for them, meat is a luxury food, meat is very difficult to obtain. So that they can only eat meat once a year...
  14. Gorgutz

    China denies exporting cans of human meat to African supermarkets

    The Chinese government has issued a statement strongly dismissing reports it is packaging human meat as corned beef and sending it to African grocery stores. The government was forced to respond after several African publications reported the allegations, made by Facebook user Barbara Akosua...
  15. Gorgutz

    China says NO to same-sex marriage

    Judge Rules Against Couple in China's 1st Same-Sex Case A judge on Wednesday ruled against a gay couple in China's first same-sex marriage case that was seen as a landmark moment for the country's emerging LGBT rights movement. The court in the central city of Changsha dismissed the suit...