1. DeathHand

    War Bodies In Ukrainian Morgue ~ Civs & UAF (2022)

    Mykolaiv, Ukraine March 11, 2022 Bodies of mostly Ukrainian civilians with some Ukrainian military among them, who died Feb-Mar 2022, at the start of the Russian invasion. The UA soldiers likely died in combat while some of the civilians were reportedly executed by Russian troops and others...
  2. DeathHand

    War Ukraine-Russia War: The Death & Destruction (Mega Pic Comp)

    This thread will be much the same as the other one I had before it had to be deleted, along with most other similar posts a while back. It'll contain images of dead soldiers (both sides), dead civilians and the destruction of the war. Some images can be obtained in sets for the same events but...
  3. Guipago

    Another 'Russia doesn't target civilians'

    Peace-loving Russians at it again. Who are the Nazi's this time?
  4. DeathHand

    Elderly Civilians Executed

    A very short 'war' (called the 'Four-Day War) involving Armenian and Azerbaijani forces targeted a disputed area that lies between the two countries. The region is known as Nagorno-Karabakh and has tried to claim independence by becoming a republic. Hostilities have been going on for a few...