1. Sarka

    isis ISIS members killed by Iraqi Air Force

  2. Sarka

    isis Group of ISIS members besieged and killed by Iraqi Army

    Nineveh Governorate in an area called Makhmour.
  3. Sarka

    isis 4 ISIS members killed & car burned down

    Through field follow-up and coordination between the security sectors and with a qualitative proactive operation, the force of Sheikh Mandoul Al-Jughaifi of the Tribal Mobilization Forces in Haditha managed to kill four ISIS terrorist gang members and burn their vehicle in the Al-Kara area in...
  4. Sarka

    isis Remains of a suicide terrorist & battle aftermath photos

    Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq It seems that there was some kind of battle, and someone blew himself up with a suicide belt. Google translation from Arabic is very bad. Just an example for you of how the translation works: 22 ReportNo. 1444. Shaaban 10 The Ghayes Its members and they...
  5. Sarka

    isis Body parts of 7 ISIS members after battle with Iraqi army

    Akashat, Al Anbar, Iraq
  6. Sarka

    War ISIS fighters as hood ornaments

    5 terrorists were killed in an air strike east of Lake Hamrin in Diyala, Iraq
  7. Sarka

    isis Remnants of ISIS fighters after Iraqi airstrike

    Hamrin Mountains
  8. Sarka

    isis 4 Iraqi soldiers killed at an isolated outpost

    Kirkuk - Most of them were killed treacherously while they were sleeping, and one soldier was on duty, according to the photos. The Iraqi Air Force sent bombs to the terrorists accused of the attack in retaliation. You may see the consequences in this thread...
  9. Sarka

    isis ISIS fighters obliterated in Iraqi airstrike

  10. Sarka

    isis ISIS fighters killed by Iraqi Forces

    Iraq, Tuz Khurmatu
  11. Sarka

    isis Taliban killed 6 ISIS-K members in special operation

    ISLAMABAD — The Taliban said Saturday (22/10) their special forces had killed six Islamic State operatives and captured two others in overnight raids in the capital, Kabul, and elsewhere in Afghanistan. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the Taliban government, said that intelligence...
  12. Sarka

    War 4 ISIS fighters torn to pieces in Iraqi airstrike

  13. Sarka

    isis ISIS fighter killed by an Iraqi Counter-Terrorism unit

    Makhmur, Iraq -
  14. DeathHand

    ISIS: Attack|Kill|Booty (2)

    Part 1 of this series can be found here: ISIS: Attack|Kill|Booty (1) -------- Here's 3 more Sets of ISIS attacking a target, destroying it and killing the defenders and then plundering weapons, vehicles and ammo. Daesh's style of fighting doesn't always work out for them and in many cases...
  15. DeathHand

    ISIS: Crucify|Stab In Heart

    We've seen ISIS do their thing of tying men accused of spying being tied to makeshift crosses and shot but now they have a better method: tie them up to the cross thing, stab them in the heart and then shoot them, if necessary, or just let them bleed to death. Anyways, here's two sets of men...