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    Dahmers Apartment After His Arrest (7/22/91- CGI)

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    Dahmers Unofficial Victims (5)

    #1. ADAM WALSH Jeff Dahmer was residing in south florida when Walsh disappeared. Their have been two eyewitness claims that he was in fact in the Hollywood Mall and sears at the time of Walsh's abduction. One claims to have seen a young dirty blonde man throw a child in distress into a blue van...
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    Banned faggot megathread

    Roy Norris Lawrence Bittaker Bittaker bought a 1977 GMC cargo van, which they came to call "Murder Mack", because it had no side windows in the back and a large passenger side sliding door. February 6, 1981 - Los Angeles, California: Lawrence Bittaker, 40, accused in the rape and torture...