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  1. DeathHand

    Friend Kills Friend

    Two guys spent an afternoon getting drunk together and all was good until they started fighting. One guy killed the other one by hitting him on the head. He tied the dead man's body up, tied it to a street marker with a cement base to weigh it down and tossed it all into a river. But internal...
  2. DeathHand

    Raped 17Yro Hangs Self

    Just two pics of this suicide: the tree and the cut down/burial prep. The girl was 17 tears old and after having been raped she decided to hang herself. Sampey, Cambodia, June 18, 2018. 1. 2.
  3. DeathHand

    Beaten & Machete To Head

    This one is literally hot off the press. Unfortunately there's only one photo... Anyways, a group of men spent several hours drinking and bonding when something went wrong. For whatever reason one of them became the target of the rest, including his stepson, who proceeded to beat the man with a...
  4. DeathHand

    Female Student Dead In Dorm

    It appears that this young woman found naked and dead in her university dorm had committed suicide via poison but details weren't released about the cause of death. She had been dead in the dorm for almost 2 days before being found. Yung Maha, Thailand, December 6, 2012. 1. 2. 3. 4...
  5. DeathHand

    Decomposed Body In Bushes

    A drying out human rotter found wasting away in the bushes. Cause of death and gender of the remains weren't known. Note: kinda shitty pics. And never fear, the Thai Pointers are alive and well - showing us the way. Ban Tat, Thailand, November 13, 2018. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Looks like...
  6. DeathHand

    Teens Rape|Kill 40Yro Mom

    A 40 year old married woman, a mother of 3 children, went out for a drink with a lady friend at their local bar. Sitting near them was a group of male teens who were drinking vodka and beer and carrying on. After a while the teens got up and left as a few of them said a few rude things to the...
  7. DeathHand

    University Student Killed By Ex

    A young female university student who was killed by her former boyfriend who stabbed her to death when she refused to get back with him. The dude then attempted suicide with a lousy attempt to cut his throat when he heard the woman's sister knocking on the front door. He passed out but...
  8. DeathHand

    1/2 Faced Scooter-Booter

    Scooter-booter collided with another vehicle and did some asphalt skidding. Somewhere along the way he lost half of his face. Philippines, Dec. 10, 2014. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  9. DeathHand

    White Floater Beached

    Locals alerted police to this hairless bone white male body that washed up on the beach (this beach is a resort one in a resort area). The dead man is unknown and no cause of death given at the time. Phum Riang, Thailand, Nov. 2, 2018. 1. 2. 3.
  10. DeathHand

    No Face|No Toes|No Fingers - Cartel Execution

    Looks as though shit, really bad shit, finally caught up with guy and he ended up in the hands of some nasty cartel members who were none impressed with him. To be killed by a cartel in this fashion the guy must have done something that was way over the line, not just a typical rat or trafficker...
  11. Mental Puppy

    Law student offs herself.

    Happened in Villa Gonzalez, woman 21 yr old law student commits suicide by gun. Reasons for the untimely demise is not known at this moment.
  12. DeathHand

    Man Kills Woman & Another

    This guy was a Cambodian and for some reason he went after a woman and another person (not sure if male or female) with a machete and killed them both. The two victims were Cambodian as well. Pong Nam Ron, Thailand, Feb. 15, 2017. 1. I'm surprised the cops didn't make the killer 'point' at the...
  13. Mental Puppy

    Husband has jealousy issues.

    Only info I have on this one is that the husband was jealous over some shit and beat the crap out of his wife.
  14. DeathHand

    Embalming: Steps

    Yes, another 'embalming thread'. Not all embalmers will perform the task in the same manner as this. Also, I don't know if the deceased is a man or a woman... Image descriptions will be short and might not be 100% accurate. Embalming Set 1. 1. Instruments required, in this case tweezers...
  15. DeathHand

    Brazil: Dose of Death 2

    This new mega thread, 'Brazil: Dose of Death 2', will continue from where the original thread left off. I won't be posting images in the original thread anymore ~ they'll be getting posted here. Folks are welcome to contribute any content that they have. Link to original thread: Brazil: Dose of...
  16. DeathHand

    Dead Woman Naked in Coffin

    This young woman had been murdered with a fatal stab to the heart. Her body went to the local mortuary (city run) who then prepared her for burial after autopsying her. During her funeral, before her casket was put into the ground, several people attending the funeral noticed that something...
  17. DeathHand

    Qandeel Baloch Honour Killing

    Fouzia Azeem (Urdu: فوزیہ عظیم‎; March 1, 1990 – July 15, 2016), better known by the name Qandeel Baloch (Urdu: قندیل بلوچ‎), was a Pakistani model, actress, feminist activist and social media celebrity. Baloch rose to prominence due to her videos discussing her daily routine and various...
  18. DeathHand

    Shot Dead + Machete Chops

    * Might be a repost ~ please let know if it is. This guy was known to police as a petty criminal (mostly theft). He had recently become unemployed and seems to have decided to steal something from the wrong person/people. Coruripe, Brazil, Feb. 7, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. No more stealing for...
  19. DeathHand

    Dead Mexicans: Dump Thread

    Alot of single photos don't get posted, but I still collect them all. So with this thread, I've put together dozens of images of Mexicans who were killed during the cartel wars and a few that died as the result of vehicle accident. Some of these I've posted in other threads (or others have) so...
  20. DeathHand

    Man Stabbed/Rock Bashed

    This poor sap was killed by being stabbed and having his head dented in by a few rocks and then left in the sun to rot away. I'm surprised that the buzzards hadn't moved in on the body yet. Pesqueira, Brazil, Jan. 19, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  21. DeathHand

    Dead Nude Woman In Box

    Unknown persons put a wooden coffin-like box on a sidewalk that contained the corpse of a young woman who was completely naked and wrapped in dark plastic. She presented no visible signs of injury or torture, leading forensics to conclude that she had probably been suffocated. Atizapán...
  22. DeathHand

    Woman Cut In Two

    This young lady was walking along the train tracks listening to music from her cellphone and wearing earbuds. A train approached from behind her and she didn't hear it. Jalisco, Mexico, April 30, 2016 1. 2. 3.
  23. DeathHand

    cartels Dead Woman w/Narco Msg

    Apologies - the Woman Cut In Two is going to be posted in the Accidents category...I made a boo-boo and had posted it here. This young woman was shot by gunmen in a taxi as she walked on the sidewalk. She was hit several times. The killer/s then put a narco message beside her body before taking...
  24. DeathHand

    Woman Raped & Strangled

    This young woman, 22 teays old, had been missing and was later found dead. Her clothing had been torn and strongly suggested that she had been raped before being strangled to death. Ozeias, Brazil, Oct. 20, 2015. 1. 2. 3.
  25. DeathHand

    Dalit Girl Murdered

    This set of images goes back almost 10 years when I first saw them back on Ogrish. This young woman, a member of the Dalit caste (the lowest caste of people in Indian society), was found murdered. No report of her age or motive. :bong: Bandara, India, Sept. 29, 2006 (or there-abouts) 1...
  26. DeathHand

    Clothed Decomposing Chick

    The decomposing body of this female (age unknown) was found half buried in a grass field. No details about her death or her ID has been released but from the photos it's clear that she received some blunt force trauma to her face. Note: her shorts were buttoned up when response teams found her...
  27. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Male Autopsy (2)

    Same as the other two autopsies, I only know that these came out of China - and they're nice and large like the other ones. :poison: Well let's check out this next dead guy who's about to get carved open on the steel slab. Male Autopsy (2) Set 1. 1. 2. Lividity (blood pooling towards...
  28. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Male Autopsy (1)

    Autopsy photos out of China of a young male under the death knife. No details on this guy's cause of death. Don't forget to click on the images to see them full size :). Autopsy Young Male. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  29. DeathHand

    16 Yro Girl Stabbed to Death

    This 16 year old girl was attacked and stabbed to death. The killer left the knife (which look more like a post-WW2 dagger) in her neck. Thailand, July 12, 2015. 1. 2. 3. 4. A better photo would have been nice...
  30. DeathHand

    Busty Woman Shot Dead

    This young woman was 27 years old and was executed yesterday with up to 9 gunshots, mostly to the head and face. Her name was Carla Silva and on social networks she went by the name 'Kellynha Cyclone'. Police found some cocaine in her pocket which suggested that she was a dealer but she was...
  31. DeathHand

    Wife Quartered By Hubby

    This woman, in her late 40's, went to a party and stayed out a bit later (about 3:00am) than her husband thought was cool. They argued when she returned home and he ended up beating her to death. To dispose of her corpse he cut her body in half and chopped off her legs. He then dumped it all...
  32. DeathHand

    Killed With Own Machete

    This young man had an altercation at a birthday party with a woman he liked and her husband (or something like that) and then left the party after she dissed him. The next day he went to the couple's house armed with a machete. Things got a bit screwy and the woman or her husband got a hold of...
  33. DeathHand

    Girl Tries to Beat Train

    I tried a few searches on GG for these images and came up empty. Post me the OP if anyone knows that these images are already here - thanks :). This 16 year old girl, bopping along on her scooter bike, decided that she could speed across the train tracks and beat the train. Hell, who wants to...
  34. DeathHand

    Wine Bottle In Vagina

    These images go back almost 10 years and some members may have seen a few of them (although watermarked by some obscure site). The photos are of a 25 year old woman who did some drinking with a few fellas and appears to have consented to having sex with one or more of them (this was how the...
  35. DeathHand

    Child Dies In Hay Fire

    * Graphic * This male child was reportedly playing hide-and-go-seek with someone...other kids maybe and somehow the haystack he was hiding in caught fire, burning him alive. There was no indication about how the fire might have started - accident or foul play. RIP to the little dude...
  36. DeathHand

    Wild Head Crushing

    For some odd reason Beaker comes to mind... This unfortunate 60 year old woman seems to have been doing some construction/road work when she was hit by a truck that ran over her head and crushed it like an egg. Her safety lid didn't do much. :whoa: Thong Saen Khan, Thailand, Nov 30, 2015 1...
  37. DeathHand

    18 Yro Female Murdered

    This 18 year old female refused several attempts by her ex-boyfriend to get back together. So along with 2 other friends (one male, one female) the ex-bf managed to lure the teen into a car on the pretense of going to a party. There was no party and the girl ended up being stabbed several...
  38. DeathHand

    Dead Woman In Trash Bin

    Bound and gagged - young woman is found dead inside a trash container. She had been shot once in the forehead and police found that she had several packets of crack on her person. Brazil, Nov 17, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  39. 0

    Dead female pics ruined by watermark (watermark remove thread)

    Over the years, there hasn't been a thread dedicated to removing watermark. This threat is for requesting and removing watermarks of dead female pics either through photoshop or from original source. To start with, I found these great pictures on cutedeadgays. I would be much appreciated for...