1. Kapitän Ghul'

    accident Justin Owen lost his life saturday night during qualifying.

  2. NewWorldOrder

    murder Elimination by car

  3. goddess

    Has anyone here ever actually murdered anyone?

    Has anyone here ever murdered another person and either not been found guilty or was incarcerated and have a completed sentence? What was it like? What happened? What you do it again?
  4. ForzaTreblinka

    Most Goreish Thing You've Seen in The Real World (with your own eyes)

    So, there is a lot of gore and the like on here...and we have all seen a lot, for whatever reason we are here. But what is the most goreish thing you have actually seen through your own two mince pies? I shall start you off with mine...in Civvy Street, I was walking home, from a night out in...