1. cadaver1

    Average beheading

  2. zinfandel

    Mexican Woman decapitated

    The info said she was a businesswoman who was kidnapped and the family wouldn't or couldn't pay ransom.
  3. cadaver1

    cartels Catrel Butchers

    Decapitated with Fish Filleting Knife [NARCO MEXICO] | theYNC
  4. cadaver1

    Brutal decapitation | Head Chop - Crazy Shit!
  5. cadaver1

    Casual throat slicing

    young boy decapitated by unknown mexican | theYNC
  6. cadaver1

    Brazilian Tomfollery | HEAD'S UP: THIS IS THE #1 REASON NOT TO VISIT BRAZIL - Crazy Shit!
  7. cadaver1

    Decapitation,murder and self mutilation compilation

    Havoc Gore there are a couple of oldies but goodies in this one. And lots of decapitations.
  8. DeathHand

    7 Heads Courtesy a Cartel

    Seven men were abducted by unknown gunmen and whisked away in an awaiting van. Locals filed a report. The next day the Mexican favorite - "The Cooler" - shows up on some street. But this one is not an Oxxo cooler and is larger. Inside, police found the severed heads of the 7 missing men along...
  9. Mental Puppy

    Decapitated and heart cut out

    Area: Fortaleza, Brasil 11/05/2018 Have a few pics of a woman who was decapitated and her heart cut out, I have no uncensored pics of the deed as yet only of the aftermath. But i'll include all pics. No suspects or motive for the crime as yet.
  10. DeathHand

    El Salvador Execution

    This poor guy drove a pick-up truck and taxied people around. That is until members of one gang in the area grabbed him and took him in the jungle. He was tied up and beaten before the machetes came out and after a few whacks off came his head, and a hand, and an arm. Soon his arms, legs and...
  11. DeathHand

    Man Quartered & Dumped

    This dude was stabbed numerous times, beheaded and dismembered (not necessarily in that order). He carried no ID and locals did not recognize him. A notecard was left with te guy's remains but the coppers aren't disclosing what it said. Manaus, Brazil, Nov. 8, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  12. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheads Football Players

    Tried a search on these ones but came up with nothing. ISIS doesn't like things like soccer, football or whatever and went after 4 well known (in Iraq, that is) football players and their coach: accusing them of spying for the Peshmerga. The 5 men were presented to the public before being...
  13. Mental Puppy

    3yr old girl decapitated

    A three-year-old girl has had her head chopped off in a savage and apparently random attack outside a Metro station in Taiwan. According to reports, the man grabbed the girl from behind and decapitated her with a cleaver as she rode on her balance bike down the street with her mum. The mother...
  14. Nex

    An unusual suicide

    São João da Barra, Brazil The body of a man was found decapitated in a car on Sunday morning around 0800 on the beachfront of Atafona in São João da Barra. The man was identified as Luiz Gustavo Machado Siqueira, 45, son of a businessman who owns a jewelry store. Police believe Luiz Gustavo...
  15. DeathHand

    IS Sword Executioners

    Mixed compilation of ISIS's sword executioners that I've been collecting for a while. Set 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. And the bases are loaded... 5.
  16. Nex

    Just another day in Rio

    January 20th, 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Police were called in the early morning hours yesterday upon the discovery of this man decapitated in the street of the Potunduva district of Rio.
  17. SicMonster666

    New Brutal Beheading's From Isis

    In this one, we've got an English speaking bloke spewing the same typical propaganda. New spokesperson maybe???
  18. SicMonster666

    New Isis beheadings & pistol executions

    Uncensored beheading's in this one.
  19. DeathHand

    ISIS Dismembers Retired Officer

    ISIS captured this guy, a retired Libyan Army colonel, and along with the usual beheading also went as far as to dismember the old guy - which is unusual for them. Kinda neat that they left his boots and his wrist watch on. And sorry, only 2 photos for this set available (there is another but...
  20. DeathHand

    ISIS: Soldier & Man Executed

    ISIS released a video titled, "A Message To Egypt", in which a man is decapitated and a captured soldier is shot dead. After decapitating an unknown man, the Egyptian soldier was asked by the ISIS member if he wanted to die by the knife or die by bullets: it didn't take him long to decide...
  21. FapKoЯn

    Abu Sayyaf Beheading A Hostage

    Country: Philippines Group Involved: Abu Sayyaf Motive: Kidnap for Ransom Incident: Beheading Reason: Conditions set by the rebel muslim group, Abu Sayyaf, not met by the government of the Philippines. Summary: Barangay Captain, beheaded by Abu Sayyaf One of the three hostages held captive by...
  22. Kyuss

    brutal beheading of a civilian

  23. Venom

    Kinda of a beheading

    I'll do a full translation tomorrow if you like... There talking shit and asking them who they work for, there Zetas about to be beheaded by the CDG...
  24. SicMonster666

    New bloody Isis beheading

    Has a nice blood flow scene at the end.
  25. K

    What's The Most Gruesome Beheading You've Ever Seen?

    Yes, they are all gruesome, but has there been one in particular that has really burned a mark on your brain? Mine is without a doubt the Eugene Armstrong beheading. It's not really the blood everywhere that gets to me. It's the screaming and gurgling that gets me. Can you imagine what it would...
  26. PowerDrill

    Classic Vid - Dagestan Beheading Massacre

    Snackbars killing Ruskies during the Second Russian Chechen War. Let the blood flow! This is war!
  27. SicMonster666

    New video shows Isis beheading a man with a huge sword

    New video shows the beheading of a man by a large sword in response to recent bombing's carried out against Isis held cities.
  28. D.O.A.

    ISIS beheading - Harvest of the apostates

    I edited most of the crap out of the video again. No need to listen to them talk shit or put up with that cuntish music they dub for too long. Two of Australia’s most wanted jihadis are suspected of starring in a sickening new Islamic State beheading video. In the execution clip, Sydney man...
  29. A Nameless Ghoul

    cartels Beheading

    This guy must have really pissed someone off because these guys are taking it slow with him. Listen to him inhaling/exhaling blood, gruesome indeed.
  30. DeadZone

    Good times with ISIS.... Carnage & Beheading

    Say what you like about these guys, they really do party hard.... A little bit of aftermath footage, looks like it was quite an evening! And whatever you do don't pass out, or you'll end up the like poor guy towards the end of the video...
  31. D.O.A.

    Beheading by IS in Aleppo, Syria

  32. D.O.A.

    ISIS video beheading of Syrian Pilots and an american aid worker

    A video has been circulated online purporting to show members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group beheading several Syrian soldiers and a US aid worker, Peter Kassig. The footage, released on Sunday, showed the beheading of at least 12 people whom ISIL said were pilotsand officers...
  33. DeathHand

    More ISIS Beheadings

    Two men, accused of cooperating with the Assad regime by ISIS members, are given the knife in order to decapitate them. Aleppo, Syria, August 2014. Turn your volume down...alot of Allah Ackbar shouting...
  34. D.O.A.

    Saudi execution by beheading

    Fluro vest = safety first :tu:
  35. DAN the MAN

    New Video from ISIS shows Violent Beheading of a Scared Man After Brief Interrogation

    not seen this here yet if its already posted sorry for the repost dont think i have seen a beheading where the victim has his hands free why wont it let me embed the video?
  36. DeadZone

    Straight forward and swift beheading
  37. outtosea

    Suicide by BEHEADING! (No gore)

    No photos, unfortunately, but this is just too good not to share: A Bronx man tied a chain to a pole and around his neck, got in his car and slammed on the gas... What a way to go!!!
  38. EicelHeartsGore

    Porn for your eyes. 17 minutes of beheading

    17 minutes of beheading. Here’s over 17 minutes of the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS, ISIL, Daash and whatever other names they may have used) beheading several people in Deir al-Zour (sometimes spelled Deir ez-Zor), Syria. Because the jihadists somehow lost their capability to...
  39. DeathHand

    Damn Quick Beheading

    This poor bastard was captured by ISIS fighters and he was reportedly a general for the Syrian army. Not sure that even the Zetas could do this so quickly... Link to Vid:
  40. DeathHand

    Doing the Twist Beheading

    This vid starts off with IS members shooting the already dead bodies of 4 civilians somewhere in Syria. Once they are done, the guy that looks like Sauron/saʊrɒn (ie: LOTR) points and then the good stuff starts. I've never even seen the Mexicans do this shit.
  41. P

    Taliban Beheading

    I hope this isn't a repost but I couldn't find it here.
  42. D.O.A.

    GG video Another islamic beheading video

    D.O.A. published a new article: Video link.
  43. D.O.A.

    GG video Brutal cartel beheading

    D.O.A. published a new article: Video link.