1. DeathHand

    ☠️ 190 Decayed & Decomposed Bodies Found At Funeral Home, USA (Oct-Nov 2023)

    Three reports included: from first to most recent. Colorado funeral home with ‘green’ burials under investigation after improperly stored bodies found Oct. 5, 2023 PENROSE, Colo. (AP) - Authorities in Colorado said Thursday they were investigating the improper storage of human remains at a...
  2. D

    animals DECOMP

    First thread. I didn't know where this best fits, but I make stuff like this all the time for fun. Future ones will surely be more human oriented. If anyone has a topic to suggest please feel free to throw it at me. *warning animals*
  3. DeathHand

    War 1 Yr After KIA Two Russian Soldiers Removed From Cellar

    Krasnopillya, Slavyansky district, Ukraine, March 2023 In the Donetsk region, a Ukrainian volunteer group of 10 men, called the Black Tulips, or Collectors of Death, search for and recover the bodies/remains of KIA Russian soldiers to use as exchanges for the return by the Russians of KIA...