domestic violence

  1. ZeroK

    beatings Wife Left The Mosquito Net Open

  2. Bethy 🔥

    beatings What A Fucking Coward 🤬

  3. NicoM1

    Police California Police Shoot Man Who Stabs His Wife

    The Stockton Police Department released body worn camera video Tuesday night of an officer shooting 37-year-old Robert Anthony Cruz, the man accused of stabbing his wife in February. According to police, two officers were called to the 1500 block of East Eleventh Street after 9 a.m. Saturday...
  4. ZeroK

    beatings The Wife Had Enough

  5. Bethy 🔥

    beatings Phat Bitch Beating Up Husband

  6. NicoM1

    fights Proof Karate doesn't work, let me show you what does!

    The old Rusty Starfish Discipline prevails.
  7. Cold Ethyl

    Doorbell footage captures sobbing dad confess to wife that he killed their son: ‘He’s dead’

    Florida father used his home’s doorbell camera to confess to his wife that he’d just fatally shot their son during an argument, disturbing new footage shows. David Contreras, 52, was caught on camera apparently admitting to killing his 22-year-old son, Eric, in his Miami home last November...
  8. ZeroK

    beatings Cave Man

  9. RebelFX

    beatings Jewel Rancid and Attila Bakk domestic violence caught on livestream

    If you've heard of the drug addicted couple livestream of Jewel Rancid and Attila Bakk, you already know how incredibly toxic their relationship is. Here is the video where it finally became physical... at least on livestream. If you want to watch more of the craziness, watch it here:
  10. Bethy 🔥

    Crime Woman Attacked By Her Ex

    Brazil Joana Darck Alencar, 34 years old, was stabbed several times, this Thursday morning (7), on the main avenue of Parque Piauí, South Zone of Teresina. The crime was recorded by a security camera (watch above), which shows the criminal getting out of the car and going straight towards the...
  11. ZeroK

    beatings "Say Something Or It'll Get Worse"

  12. WickedMal

    Crime ~ Woman Is Murdered in Governor Archer; victim leaves a son ~

    September 7 Holiday Tragedy: Woman Is Murdered in Governor Archer; victim leaves a son of 01 year and 08 months The holiday of the Independence of Brazil, celebrated on September 7, was marked by a tragedy in the quiet town of Governador Archer, located 326 kilometers from the capital São Luís...
  13. WickedMal

    Police ~Domestic Violence Suspect Shot Dead In His Bed By Police~

    :death: The police department in Columbus, Ohio, released body-worn camera videos showing an officer fatally shooting a man in his bed during an attempt to serve an arrest warrant. D. L, 20, was unarmed when he was shot in the early hours of Tuesday by Ricky Anderson, a 30-year veteran of the...