drunk idiots

  1. D.O.A.

    disaster Darwin Award candidate

  2. Punisher_1

    Golf Cart hero

    Seems someone had too many drinks and just wants to destroy people's property, is the po-po there? Nope, But Juan in his electric golf cart is.
  3. P

    Dumb girl from Poland went missing in Greece, probably kidnapped by handsome people of color

    In Greece, a 27-year-old Anastasia Rubinska from Wroclaw, Poland, went missing. Anastasia, who graduated from a hairdressing technical school in Wroclaw and worked as a hostess, was last seen on the Greek island of Kos, in the town of Marmari, where she was employed at a luxury hotel restaurant...
  4. Monty 4k

    fights 2 drunk chinks 💪🏻

  5. D.O.A.

    fights Drunken karate kick fail

  6. ZeroK

    bizarre I'm Looking For Painters

  7. Hate

    beatings Guy pulls gun, then regrets it

  8. Hate

    accident Man impales arm pit