1. W

    accident China - Elderly woman got her leg stuck

  2. Popeyes

    accident Old guy rams car into store , drives off like nothing happens.

    Kenner police say a 78-year-old man created quite a mess while trying to back into a parking spot.Tuesday, instead of backing up investigators say the elderly man pressed down on the accelerator while trying to go to Babin Physical Therapy for his appointment, he ended up plowing into an optical...
  3. Monkman777

    beatings Elder Lady Being Abused

  4. W

    beatings ~Man Pushes Elderly Woman Down The Stairs & Stabbed Her~

    Attack and, possibly, murder of an old woman (at the end, the operator stabbed her in the head), filmed by one of the discord users. I didn't find the exact context, but about a year ago we had a post about a German teenager who killed an elderly woman in the same way to complete a discord...
  5. punkduck

    accident Better twice.