1. Sgt.Stupid

    Warning:Children Fat Bastard Cause Road to Collapse

  2. Lord Gutsy

    accident Fat chinky crossing

  3. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Too heavy for bike

  4. Nobbler

    Funny Wobbling cowgirl.

  5. Nobbler

    Funny Bullying fatso.

  6. Lord Gutsy

    accident These guys got burnt

    Two cases
  7. PsychoticNature

    bizarre How in the fuck?

    No idea how the fat bitch managed to do that.
  8. Cobh

    bizarre Funny - Traveller call-out videos

    A couple of traveller call out videos and a chase.. if ye need something to laugh at
  9. 11aa11

    fights Wumard is Racist. Big Mamma Gets Mad (and gets taken down)

  10. Axios

    beatings Obese Momma Beats up Husband

    sorry for the watermark, its the only video of this i could find
  11. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Too heavy for the swing

  12. WickedMal

    fights ~Fatty Got Handled~

  13. WickedMal

    fights ~Size Doesn't Matter~

  14. WickedMal

    bizarre ~She Was Too Heavy~

    A housewife who lives in the community of Arraial do CafƩ, in the municipality of Alegre, fell from the terrace of a two-story building, while trying to enter her own residence, using a rope, as she had lost the keys to her residence. The woman, whose name has not been released, suffered minor...
  15. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre she's too heavy

  16. hotdogeater12

    favorite type of gore

    this can be a certain genre (war, medical) certain situations (suicide, hit by car) and anything under the sun!! tell me what you enjoy most seeing! personally my favorite is seeing cuts, but not just pictures,, videos. I love to see a blade slide smoothly across the skin to open the layers of...