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this can be a certain genre (war, medical) certain situations (suicide, hit by car) and anything under the sun!! tell me what you enjoy most seeing!

personally my favorite is seeing cuts, but not just pictures,, videos. I love to see a blade slide smoothly across the skin to open the layers of the bubbly yellow fat.. i dont know why but its just so satisfying :0!!!
I also enjoy seeing gore art because it can be stylized to be even more gruesome than in real life >:))


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Murders in a way I've never seen before. I like to see how creative people can be killing others. Isis were inventful, they did the det cord around the necks one, the rpg at a car, burning men to death when chained to something etc.
The Mexican policeman who gets beheaded infront of his son who then gets his chest peeled and heart cut out.
That sort of thing. But I will watch everything pretty much. Atleast once anyway.