1. Monkman777

    bizarre Must Have A Foot Fetish

  2. ZeroK

    bizarre Black Babies Don't Matter

  3. Punisher_1

    Two men one cup

    Paris France. Look how nasty these people are this is an active business and they are just peeing here but this guy sets up shop for a sweet "man lemonade" stand.
  4. SnuffAddict

    What are your gruesome fantasies?

    As a member of this site, I am sure a lot of you, just like me, has some pretty gruesome yet beautiful fantasies. Let’s all share them here!
  5. AxlFr

    Girls throat slit fetish

    Hi, I want to know, am I the only one to be excited by pretty girls having their throat slit ? Is there any girls who have the fantasy of having their throat slit ?