1. Cold Ethyl

    The 3.800-Year-old Mummy Miss Lolan, whose beauty remains intact

    Miss Lolan, who lived 3800 years ago, is located in a huge desert in northern Tibet. What makes this mummy, which is immediately noticed among the 200 mummies found, special is that it has received very little damage compared to many other mummies and its deformation is almost zero. Imagine a...
  2. Cold Ethyl

    Massive hoard of Roman-era silver coins unearthed in Germany

    More than 5,500 silver coins buried by a river about 1,800 years ago are now in the hands of archaeologists, following the hoard's discovery in Augsburg, Germany. At the time of the coins' burial, the Roman Empire was in full swing, with its coinage reaching all corners of its territory and...