1. Be happy⚕

    US Politics Cancellation and demonetisation of "right wing" channels

    Maybe it's because I'm British, maybe I look at YouTube too much (and here) though I like to think considering I work 10 to 12 hour days outdoors and only get 3 - 6 GB of internet a month that I'm not too much of a net nerd. But I am becoming a tad alarmed This Stephen Crowder business (in...
  2. 0111011000111

    Mentally Disabled Guy Gets Handjob From Nurse

    Mentally Disabled Guy Gets Handjob From Nurse His parents paid the nurse extra money as they thought it would be about time he would have his first orgasm and finally empty his balls.
  3. Lovinight

    Family raided by SWAT because cops found discarded tea leaves in trash

    LEAWOOD, KS — An innocent family was terrorized by a paramilitary SWAT raid on their home that lasted 2.5 hours; yielding nothing. It took the family 2 years and $25,000 to discover the real reason their house was targeted: discarded tea leaves in their garbage and the purchase of indoor...