1. wiggins


    I thought I knew a lot about ww2 but only recently discovered Sobibor. It was a mechanised killing camp along the lines of Treblinka, using the same techniques of subterfuge. Train loads of 5000 would be 'processed' within a few hours. People would be apologised to for the 'terrible train...
  2. Ivan Drago

    War Black & White Hell On Earth 2

    Jews who had been used for slave labor in Neunburg, now lying dead on the forest floor with a soldier standing over them. Watched by former inmates of the Buchenwald concentration camp, Czech doctors examine an emaciated Hungarian Jew, following the camp¿s liberation, Weimar, Germany, April...
  3. Denim Chicken

    Dude Eats Wasp Nest

    Why tho
  4. Crusty Santa

    Japans brutality and sadistic war tactics WW2