1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Moderately popular 22yr old Brazilian Model commits suicide by hanging herself in her shower cubicle after sex tape goes viral.

    Had been following this case for nearly a week hoping to find dead pictures! Finally found them on a Closed chatroom! so here goes... Millena Andrade Chavez, 22 years † Suicide by hanging News: Model Millena Andrade, 22, was found dead in her apartment in the Alto da Glória neighborhood in...
  2. Leech_Zombie

    Can anyone read Thai?

    Thai suicide via police footage. He left a suicide note, legible but in Thai. Depressed Sick Son Kills Himself in his Room, his Father finds him and Suicide Note and attempts Suicide as Well (Police Video) | theYNC
  3. cadaver1

    Public hanging of kiddie fiddler

    Child Rapist Being Executed At Dusk | theYNC
  4. I

    Autoerotic Orgasm

    Found this on medical students forum, pics taken by a young female med intern. Naked young man in his mid 20’s was found dead in half hanging position, with fully erect penis and a sperm filled condom. He had massively ejaculated, very likely right before or at the moment of death. Condom is...
  5. SusanCoquin

    Husband records video of wife hanging

    The YNC has a video of Indian woman hanging herself. The woman's husband and inlaws watched her hang through a window and apparently did nothing to stop her. The video is suppose to be shot by the husband. husband does nothing but watch and record his wife hanging her self in Vihar @4:00...
  6. Jon E(vil)

    Man sets himself on fire, goes backward out of a window.

    Russian news report, footage of a bunch of blokes tooled up in the hallway, then footage of the bloke in the window lighting himself up, gets blasted with foam. Best Gore. This one i'm dubious about, hence no seperate thread. Young woman hanged herself in her hostel room on Saturday night...
  7. semen

    Gender Neutral Hanging Thread

    I'm really tired of trying to fap to the Female Hanging Thread and having my boner killed by shemale freaks. Trannies do not belong in the Female Hanging Thread. It's not a question of whether or not they'll later regret their decision and hang themselves. That much is a given. The...
  8. Dr. Gauner

    Wheelchair Hanging Suicide

    Bring on the puns.
  9. 19760608

    Female Hanging Thread

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